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7 Essential Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wash Basin for Your Bathroom


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When planning the installation of a new wash basin, it’s crucial to select the perfect one that fits your needs and complements your bathroom space. Although wash basins may seem small, they can significantly impact the overall appearance and functionality of your bathroom just like a toilet bowl. Consider these 7 essential factors before buying a basin for your bathroom.


Check How Large Your Bathroom Is

Saniton Jasmine Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1300

  • Installation : Wall-Hung, Convertible to counter top
  • Inlet Hole Size : Ø 34 mm
  • Dimension : L 400 x W 500 x H 210 mm
  • Material : Vitreous china

Always keep in mind that the size of your bathroom is a critical factor to consider when choosing sanitary ware in Singapore. It determines how much space you have for the basin and other fixtures. For small bathrooms, opt for a compact basin that takes up minimal space. A corner basin can be an ideal choice as it fits seamlessly into a corner without cluttering the floor space. For larger bathrooms, a bigger basin or even a double basin for couples can be considered. Measure your bathroom space carefully to experience the benefits of installing a wash basin without overwhelming your bathroom.

If you think a large wash basin is a better option for your bathroom, consider buying the Saniton Jasmine Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1300. The Saniton Jasmine Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1300 is an ideal choice for large bathrooms due to its spacious and elegant design. It provides ample space for multiple users to use simultaneously, making it perfect for busy households. The wall-hung feature also saves floor space, giving the bathroom a more open and modern feel. Additionally, the high-quality ceramic material used in the basin’s construction ensures durability and easy maintenance, making it a long-lasting and practical choice for any large bathroom.



Saniton Camellia Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1100

Specifications :
  • Installation: Wall hung
  • Available Tap Hole: Ø 34 mm
  • Dimension: L 420 x W 515 x H 190 mm
  • Gross Weight Approx.: 10.5 KGM±
  • Material: Vitreous China

As is the case when planning to install a new toilet bowl, another crucial consideration to take note of when purchasing a basin is your budget. Basins come in varying price ranges depending on size, material, and design. It’s important to establish a budget before embarking on your basin shopping to avoid overspending. Consider the overall cost of the basin, including installation fees, plumbing, and any additional features your wash basin should have. A budget will help you narrow down your options and determine whether a high-end basin or a budget-friendly option is more suitable.

Among the most affordable wash basins you can buy is the Saniton Camellia Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1100. This wash basin can be a sleek and modern addition to any bathroom. Its wall hung design saves space and makes cleaning easier. Its high-quality ceramic construction also ensures durability and longevity. Moreover, the basin’s simple yet stylish design complements a wide range of decor styles.


Compare Basin Prices

One tip for buying from a bathroom supply store online is to compare the prices from different suppliers before settling on a specific basin. It allows you to get the best deal within your budget. Different suppliers may offer varying prices for the same basin model. Therefore, it’s crucial to research different suppliers and compare their prices to find the most affordable option.

However, when comparing prices, ensure you are comparing the same basin model. Some suppliers may offer lower prices, but the basin may be of lower quality. It’s advisable to purchase from a reputable supplier that offers quality home appliance products at a reasonable price.


Choose The Right Material

Rubine QTRO 50-BW Countertop Rectangular Wash Basin

  • Model: QTRO 50 BW
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Surface Finishing: High gloss finish
  • Colour: Matt black / White with rose gold skirting
  • Installation: Countertop
  • Overflow: No
  • Overall Dimension: 500 x 390 x 145mm
  • Net Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Package Included: Basin + White ceramic waste (CBA-201CR/W)
  • Warranty (T&C’s apply): 1 year parts + Service / 5 years on ceramic part

Whether it’s a countertop wash basin or above counter wash basin, the material of the basin is another crucial factor to consider. Basins are available in different materials such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and stone. Each material has unique features and benefits, and it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs.

Ceramic basins are common for their durability, affordability, and easy maintenance. There are also glass basins that are elegant and easy to clean but they can be fragile and prone to scratches at the same time. Stainless steel basins meanwhile are durable and easy to clean but may be noisy. As for stone basins, they are luxurious and durable but require regular maintenance to keep them looking good. Fortunately, you can buy a vitreous china wash basin instead. Among the benefits of vitreous china wash basins is they offer durability, easy maintenance, and a sleek, modern appearance.

One of the best vitreous china wash basins to consider is the Rubine QTRO 50-BW Countertop Rectangular Wash Basin. This basin provides durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its sleek and modern design, with a rectangular shape and a glossy white finish, can also complement any bathroom decor. Additionally, it is easy to install and clean which means it is a practical and stylish choice for any homeowner.


Select A Basin That Matches Your Bathroom’s Style

Rubine QTRO 60-BW Countertop Rectangular Wash Basin

  • Model: QTRO 60 BW
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Surface Finishing: High gloss finish
  • Colour: Matt black / White with rose gold skirting
  • Installation: Countertop
  • Overflow: No
  • Overall Dimension: 600 x 380 x 140mm
  • Net Weight: 9 kg
  • Package Included: Basin + White ceramic waste
  • Warranty (T&C’s apply): 1 year parts + Service / 5 years on ceramic part

The aesthetic of your bathroom is a critical consideration when choosing a basin. Wash basins are available in various styles, such as pedestal, wall-mounted, countertop, and semi-recessed. It is essential to select a wash basin that complements the aesthetic of your bathroom to create a cohesive look and feel.

For a traditional bathroom, a pedestal or wall hung wash basin would be an ideal choice. A countertop or semi-recessed basin would be a better fit for a modern bathroom. Additionally, it is crucial to choose a basin that matches the color scheme of your bathroom to create a harmonious overall appearance.

In case you’re looking for a looking for a elegant looking wash basin, the Rubine QTRO 60-BW Countertop Rectangular Wash Basin is highly recommended. It has a sleek and modern design with clean lines and a glossy white finish that can elevate the appearance of any bathroom. Its rectangular shape also provides a contemporary and luxurious look that can complement various decor styles. 


Make Sure The Basin Has A Warranty

Before purchasing a Rubine wash basin or Saniton wash basin, ensure that it comes with a warranty. A warranty provides protection against manufacturing defects or damages that may occur with your wash basin. Reading and understanding the warranty terms and conditions is crucial to know what is covered and what is not. It is also important to keep the warranty document safe for future reference in case of any issues.


Seek Recommendations

Seeking recommendations from trusted sources is invaluable when buying a wash basin. Friends and family can provide valuable insights on the best selling wash basins in Singapore and help you make an informed decision. Ask for recommendations from those who have recently remodeled their bathrooms or have experience in the bathroom remodeling industry. Online forums, social media platforms, and product review websites can also provide helpful recommendations to narrow down your options and provide tips to select the best wash basin for your bathroom.


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Selecting the ideal basin for your bathroom requires thoughtful consideration of multiple factors including bathroom size, budget, basin material, bathroom style, and basic needs. It is also crucial to seek recommendations and purchase from a reputable supplier to prevent issues that will require a new wash basin installation.

Prior to making a wash basin purchase, be sure to measure your bathroom space, set a budget, compare prices, and select a basin that complements your bathroom’s style. Additionally, prioritize a basin that fulfills your basic requirements and includes a warranty for protection against damages.


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