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Ceramic vs Porcelain vs Vitreous China Wash Basin: How Are They Different


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Every home has at least one basin for washing, brushing teeth, and other activities. Homeowners who are planning to replace their existing wash basin or purchase a wash basin for their new home will find that there are a wide variety of wash basins available for sale. There are several essential factors to think of before buying a wash basin for your bathroom and one of the main considerations is the material of the wash basin. Other factors include price, design, and durability. Vitreous China, Ceramic, and Porcelain are the most widely used wash basin materials. The difference between these materials is discussed below.


Vitreous China Wash Basin


One of the factors to consider when choosing sanitary ware is its durability. Vitreous China basins are the most durable and expensive wash basins available due to the enamel or glazing finish that is applied to the porcelain basin. Vitreous China is a glass composite that also includes other materials like quartz for reducing shrinkage and feldspar for porosity reduction.

Vitreous China is heated to a high temperature to make it a liquid and the liquid coating is applied to the heated porcelain basin. This coating gives the basin a glossy finish, making it water-resistant and tougher. The basin requires less maintenance but is heavier and more expensive compared to other basins of the same size. There are numerous reasons to install a wall-hung basin in your bathroom. One of which is it can make your bathroom look stylish. Wall-mounted washbasins that are commonly made from vitreous china like Saniton Campsis Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1104 and Saniton Derris Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1003 are generally recommended for this purpose.

Saniton Campsis Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1104

  • Installation: Wall hung
  • Dimension: L 400 x W 480 x H 206 mm
  • Installation: Wall-Hung
  • Available Tap Hole: Ø 28/34 mm
  • Gross Weight Approx.: 10.5 KGM±
  • Material: Vitreous China

Saniton Derris Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1003

  • Installation: Wall hung
  • Available Tap Hole: Ø 28 mm/ 34 mm
  • Dimension: L410 x W525 x H195 mm
  • Gross Weight Approx.: 12 KGM+-
  • Material: Vitreous China

Ceramic Wash Basin


Ceramics are manufactured from clay which is mixed with water and other additives. It is molded or formed into a specific shape and then heated to a high temperature in a kiln or oven to harden it. Due to the hardness, it usually does not get chipped or stained easily, though harsh chemicals or abrasives may affect the basin. Since the heating temperature is lower for ceramic compared to other materials, the ceramic basins will cost less. If you’re wondering how to know if your sanitary ware is of good quality, one of the most considerable qualities to consider is the ease of cleaning, which is typically a feature of ceramic wash basins.


Porcelain Wash Basin 


Porcelain is manufactured from the hardest grade of clay. It is heated to a very high temperature which increases its density, and strength. Thus, making it less porous. It also has a smooth and glossy finish. Countertop wash basins and wall-hung wash basins are the types of wash basins that are commonly made from this material. While some basins are made from porcelain alone, in other cases, porcelain may be used to coat a metal base. Though the material is durable and water-resistant, abrasive scrubbers and harsh chemicals should not be used on these basins. Porcelain basins are affordably priced and are the most widely used basins in Singapore homes. 


Which Wash Basin Should You Buy? 

We all know that there are different types of wash basins but the thing is which wash basin type should you buy? A homeowner should select the material for the wash basin after considering his budget, and personal requirements. If the buyer has no budget constraints he can opt for a Vitreous China basin with a smooth glossy white finish, greater strength, and durability.  Buyers who are looking for affordability can consider porcelain basin as it is durable and affordably priced. Additionally, they can consider ceramic basins as they are even more inexpensive. 


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Choosing the right wash basin for your bathroom requires careful consideration of various factors such as price, design, durability, and material. Vitreous China, Ceramic, and Porcelain are the most common materials used in wash basins, each with its unique features and benefits. While Vitreous China basins are the most expensive and durable, Porcelain basins are affordably priced and widely used in Singapore homes. Ceramic basins are even more inexpensive but may not be as durable as other materials. Ultimately, the choice of the wash basin material depends on personal preferences, budget, and the level of maintenance required. To acquire quality wash basins and services from reputed brands, Everyhome Singapore is a reliable option with outstanding reviews.

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