Buying a new toilet bowl to replace your old one will bring much convenience. However, you should know that not all toilet bowls are built the same and provide the same benefits. Thus, be sure to take note of the following when buying a toilet bowl:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Mounting Style
  • Design
  • Bowl and Seat Shape
  • Toilet Bowl Type
  • Price

It’s vital to buy the best toilet bowl for your home. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unsure which toilet bowl is right for them. To make your purchase easier, here are some features you can consider for your brand new toilet bowl:

  • Water Efficiency
  • Flushing Mechanism
  • Noise Levels
  • Functionality

You don’t have to settle for a cheap brand when buying a toilet bowl. In fact, you can go for the best-selling toilet bowl brands to increase your chances of having a good toilet bowl. Baron is one good choice since they have many toilet bowls with different designs. You can also buy a model from Saniton since their products are highly sustainable and affordable. Otherwise, consider buying from TOTO since their toilet bowls are highly durable.

A toilet bowl is extremely important as it is used for one of our most essential human needs. Like a water heater, it needs to be extremely durable and comfortable. In case you notice issues with your current toilet bowl, it’s best to have a new one installed right away. Hence, here is a guide on how to buy a toilet bowl for your home:

Floor Mounted Toilet vs Wall Mounted Toilet

Floor Mounted Toilet


Floor mounted toilet bowls are much more common to install since they are more stable than wall mounted toilet bowls. Moreover, they are cheaper to purchase.

Wall Mounted Toilet


Unlike floor mounted toilets, the tanks of wall mounted toilet bowls are concealed behind the wall. This means that the flushing system must be attached to the wall as do the pipes. In addition, a wall mounted toilet saves much more space.

Should I Buy An S Trap Toilet Bowl or P Trap Toilet Bowl?

S Trap Toilet


An S trap toilet is the most common type of toilet installed inside homes. As the name implies, it has an S shape which helps to trap water before it goes down completely. This also prevents sewer gasses from rising through the drain provided that the trap isn’t left dry.

P Trap Toilet


A P trap toilet bowl is a newer type of toilet. When this toilet is flushed, the water goes down, rises, and then heads straight for the sewer line. It also has a vented pipe to better prevent sewer gasses from rising through the toilet drain.

Which Toilet Should I Buy?

P trap toilets are becoming one of the most popular types of toilets in Singapore since they better prevent the rise of sewer gasses. It is recommended that you learn the difference between S-trap and P-trap toilet bowl before purchasing one.

That said, you can simply opt for an S trap toilet if your drainage outlet is situated on the floor. Otherwise, you would need to install a concealed cistern and call a professional just to convert your S trap toilet into a P trap toilet. 

Things To Take Note of When Buying A Toilet Bowl


One of the things to know before buying a toilet bowl is the size and many homeowners wonder what size of toilet bowl they should have. That said, most of them are built with a standard height of 27 to 32 inches in height and a width of 20 inches. They are also usually 28 to 30 inches deep.



Your toilet bowl should also be of the right color. If you want your bathroom to look as clean and hygienic as possible, then you just go for a white toilet bowl. Should you wish for your bathroom to look more sophisticated and elegant, then a black toilet bowl would be a more ideal option.


Besides size, toilet bowls come in many different materials such as plastic, cast iron, faience, china, and many more. It’s extremely vital to consider the material of a toilet bowl as some materials are less durable than others. 

Mounting Style


You should also know how a toilet bowl is supposed to be mounted to determine whether you have enough space to install it. For instance, one thing you should know about floor mounted toilets is they have a very wide base that requires a large amount of space.


There are 1 piece toilet bowls that have an elegant and modern design. Meanwhile, other toilet bowls feature bevelled edges and handles made from chrome. You also have the option of installing designer toilets coated with striking colours other than white. 

Bowl and Seat Shape

Although they might seem trivial at first, you should also consider the seat and shape of the toilet bowl you want to install. Remember that some toilet bowls have a compact shape while others are elongated and round shaped. Knowing the seat and shape of the toilet bowl can help if you are looking to install a bidet spray.

Toilet Bowl Type


The type of toilet bowl you install is also a critical thing to consider. Some homeowners wish to purchase a 1 piece toilet since it’s easier to clean and less vulnerable to bacterial growth. Meanwhile, others prefer a 2-piece toilet bowl because it’s more customizable 


You also need to consider the price of a toilet bowl so you can stay within budget. Take note that many toilet bowls are made by different brands and are built in different ways. As such, their prices can vary greatly. 


What Features Should You Have In A Brand New Toilet Bowl?

Not all toilet bowls are convenient to use. In fact, some toilet bowl brands aren’t efficient at all while others aren’t very eco-friendly. As such, you should know what features to have when buying a brand new toilet bowl

Water Efficiency

Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-203A
  • Dimensions: 690d x 350w x 800h mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

Many toilet bowls waste excessive amounts of water which negatively impacts the environment. Fortunately, toilet bowls like the Baron W-203A are built to conserve the amount of water they flush. By purchasing them, you can reduce your water wastage.

Flushing Mechanism

TOTO CW630J 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Flush system Wash Down
Water Use 4.5L / 3L
Trap Type S-Trap
Rough-in 220 mm
Bowl Shape Regular
Water Pressure 0.05MPa~0.75MPa
Size 356W x 690D x 705H mm

If you’re looking for a toilet with low maintenance and ease of flushing, you can simply opt for a single flush toilet. However, a dual flush toilet like the TOTO CW630J might be a better option if you prefer a modern looking toilet that will provide you with lower water bills.

Noise Levels

Magnum 918S Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Magnum
  • Model: 918S Turbo Tornado
  • Dimensions: L745 x W390 x H740mm

A noisy toilet bowl can be awkward if you have guests over or are on a video call. If you’re looking for a toilet bowl with quieter flushing, you may want to go for a Magnum 918S Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl. This toilet bowl uses a Geberit flushing system which has a maximum flow rate with minimal noise.


Mistral 18″ Wall Fan with Remote Control MWF1870R

  • 6 Hours Timer
  • 3 Speeds Selection
  • Built-in safety thermal fuse
  • Full Remote Control
  • High quality fan blade

If you are confused about what toilet bowl you should buy, one helpful tip is to go for the one that is most functional for you. For instance, you can choose to install a Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033 if you want a floor mounted and water efficient toilet. 

Top 3 Best-Selling Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore

One reason you shouldn’t buy a cheap toilet bowl is that it might experience issues that will require costly repairs. In fact, it’s recommended to buy a toilet bowl from the top 3 best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore. 


Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-818
  • Dimensions: L690 x W375 x H810 mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

Baron isn’t just popular for being one of the biggest providers of sanitary ware in Singapore. They also produce toilet bowls in wide ranging designs with modern technology. Moreover, their models such as the Baron W-818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl contain water efficient features so you can reduce your water wastage.


Mistral 16″ Wall Fan with Remote Control MWF4035R

  • 2 Years Manufacturer’s Full Warranty
  • 8 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty for Fan Motor Only
  • ABS
  • Remote

Saniton has become known as one of the most reliable toilet bowl brands in Singapore. Not only are their toilet bowls well designed and sustainable, but they are extremely affordable as well. It’s recommended that you buy the Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 as it provides quiet flushing and is easy to maintain.


TOTO CW823NJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Flush system : Wash Down
Water Use : 4L / 3L
Rough-in : 305 mm
Bowl Shape : Elongated
Water Pressure : 0.05MPa ~ 0.70MPa
Size : 510W x 760D x 605H mm

TOTO is another manufacturer that has long dominated the Singapore market. Their toilet bowls are extremely durable and consist of highly modern features. One such model is the TOTO CW823NJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl which has a unique sculpted design and dual flush system.


To buy the best toilet bowl for your home, it’s helpful to remember the points discussed above. Take note that floor mounted toilet bowls are more stable than wall mounted toilet bowls even though the latter saves more space. As for S trap and P trap toilets, you can simply opt for an S trap toilet, so you don’t need to install an extra cistern and call a professional.

When buying a toilet bowl, you should consider factors like size, color, mounting style, and design. Besides that, it’s best that your toilet bowl is water efficient, has the right flushing mechanism, is quiet enough, and is functional. Lastly, you have a higher chance of buying a good toilet bowl if you purchase from the top 3 best-selling toilet bowl brandsBaron, Saniton, and TOTO.

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