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4 Tips For Buying From A Bathroom Supply Store Online in Singapore


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When it comes to buying supplies for the bathroom for repairs or renovation, there is a wide range of products you can choose from. Many homeowners are preferring to buy bathroom supplies online rather than in person. This is because it is much more convenient and allows the buyer more time to choose.

However, this doesn’t guarantee that every purchase will go well since many homeowners are unsure about how to order from bathroom supply stores in Singapore. For instance, they forget to check customer reviews first. Read more as we dive into detail some general tips for ordering bathroom products online below.


Be Aware of Your Needs

There are a wide array of home appliance products available, all with their own specifications. Thus, it is recommended that buyers should first sketch their bathroom before ordering bathroom products online. This includes the shower set, taps, toilet bowls, among other things. For each item, buyers should be aware of their specifications and budget. It’s also important to look through any product buying guides that are available. 


Make Sure The Products Are of Good Quality 


There are a lot of things you should know before buying a bathroom product online due to the nature of online stores. It’s difficult to ensure that the products are of good quality when not viewing them in person. As such, it is advisable to check the brand’s reputation or the reviews of the product itself. More often than not, the top-rated product brands are more reliable.


Make Sure The Products Are PUB Approved 

Grohe Eurodisc Joy Bath Mixer Tap (White)

  • Hot and Cold Water Tap
  • Brand: Grohe
  • Model: Eurodisc Joy
  • Type of product: Bath mixer
  • Body: Chrome finish
  • Colour: Moon White
  • Installation type: Wall-mounted
  • Water pressure: Minimum 1.0 bar

In Singapore, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) regulates all plumbing fixtures and fittings. They are the ones responsible for specifying quality standards with which all plumbing systems should comply. Products such as 1-way taps and mixer taps have to be tested for their quality. This is to see whether they comply with the regulations before they are put on the market. PUB Approved products are more likely to prevent issues like common water heater problems and many others.

Try to stick with major brands like Grohe and Rubine as they usually are strict when it comes to complying with PUB standards. Products such as the Grohe Eurodisc Joy Mixer Tap adhere to PUB standards and are therefore PUB-approved. This tap is also highly recommended as it has a protective layer that makes it highly durable and easy to maintain. It also makes use of Grohe SilkMove Joystick Technology for smooth water control.


Check If The Products Have WELS Label 


When buying bathroom products online, you should also check that the products you choose have a Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) label. This label provides information on water efficiency for products like shower sets and toilet bowls. Depending on the type of product, the criteria for the WELS label will vary. 


Know The Pros and Cons of Ordering Online 

Before you proceed to order bathroom products online, be aware of the advantages of buying from a bathroom supply store online as well as the disadvantages. There are a lot of people that are ordering online because of the large variety of bathroom products available. As a result, a number of fraudulent websites that claim to sell quality bathroom products have spread. They may not deliver the item that was promised or outright become unavailable. 

Apply the same principle of determining a brand’s reputation and reviews to determine a good online store or website. If they have an about us page, you should check it as well. Most of the time, you can detect a fake website by simply cross-referencing its information online.


Contact Everyhome For Supply of Quality Bathroom Products

Everyhome houses a wide array of high-quality products for your bathroom. Our prices are highly reasonable, and we make sure you are getting the best of what you paid for. Our experienced staff is always there to help you choose the right options for your bathroom needs.



Whether online shopping can be good or bad all depends on you. Since there are many products and brands online, you need to recognize your needs as well as your specifications and budget. By doing this, have a higher chance of buying quality bathroom products. To reiterate what makes a bathroom supply store reliable, check its portfolio and reviews. Check also if the product itself has a WELS label or is PUB approved. Lastly, be sure to know the pros and cons of online shopping. You should also be vigilant of scams to avoid buying from fake websites.

If you’re looking for quality bathroom products, feel free to contact Everyhome Singapore. We supply highly reliable bathroom products so you can fulfil your bathroom needs completely.

Everyhome Singapore is an online home and bathroom supply store where you can shop for your home without ever needing to step out of your house across categories like a water heater, toilet bowl, aircon, shower system, bidet spray, tap, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories and more.

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