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  • RANGE OF PLUMBING SERVICES: Our plumbers carry out a comprehensive list of plumbing works including clearing chokes, fixing leaks, water heater services, tap installation services & more. Each service is done with thorough care.

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Best-Selling Toilet Bowl Brands

We are an authorized service agent for all the high-quality toilet bowl brands you see below!

The brand American Standard wants the customers’ bathrooms to not just look functional but also to exude an inviting aura. American Standard is a brand aiming to make your bathrooms dreams come to life, while providing top-notch toilet bowls.


Baron is a brand that aims to have a great standard in quality. With an understanding of the phrase – “Quality first, Customer first as always.” There is no doubt that Baron is a brand that can be trusted for your toilet bowl and sanitary ware needs.


Rubine is a leading and established Italian brand in the bathroom and kitchen industry. Within a span of 15 years, Rubine has built a strong presence in many markets in the region. Known for its contemporary design, functionality and quality. Rubine continues to develop products which embellish customers’ homes and offers practical benefits.


At Saniton it all begins with a desire to provide beautifully designed and quality sanitary wares that are sustainably produced and affordable for the people of Singapore.

TOTO has always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. TOTO is dedicated to provide products and services that are designed to improve the cleanliness, comfort and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces

Magnum is a brand that offers a vast array of home solution products. Ranging from kitchenware, bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories, up to high-quality and world class sanitary wares.


Tiara’s passion is to keep innovating ceramic sanitary wares, kitchen and bathroom accessories in order to provide you affordable choices that suit your unique lifestyle in terms of style, ease of use, elegance, comfort, space saving, and of course quality assurance.

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We help you find the product(s) that best suits your unique needs. Get suitable recommendations from reputable brands, order and get it delivered/installed!


Get suitable recommendations out of 1000s of Products from reputable brands! We are the listening ear and guidance specialist you need to make sense of the thousands of home and bathroom supply products in the market. Contact us now!





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We have clients Island-wide that continue to avail our services and products. Here are some of our trusted customers:


Customer Reviews About Our Toilet Bowl Services

Alex Tay
Alex Tay
08:25 22 Mar 23
I had bought 3 toilet bowls and was quoted for Rubine PF-106S. I had the bowls installed sequentially over a few days. The first toilet bowl leaked. I thought it was the poor workmanship. After their quick response and investigation, it turns out the toilet bowl had a manufacturing defect. The workman was not to be blamed. Rubine supplier replaced the bowl for the first toilet. The second bowl was installed in the next toilet and it turns out to also to be defective. It too leaked like the first. By now, I was very upset with ToiletBowlCity. They were apologetic and I asked for a totally different bowl model. We got the Baron W818. The workman returned and replaced both toilets with the Baron W818. This time there was no issue at all. The third bowl was finally installed and everything seems good. The installer, Mr Mani actually did a quick and clean job.
HG Chua
HG Chua
03:13 14 Mar 23
This staff Mani provided very satisfaction installation work for toilet bowls.Thank you so much 😊
Ong Lina
Ong Lina
06:34 13 Nov 22
Excellent service. The technician Thana is very very professional and fast to change my toilet bowl. He's very friendly and answer my queries. Thumb up! Will definitely use this service again.
sales wt
sales wt
09:42 08 Nov 22
Service technician Kumar is very experienced guy and perfectly done on installed toilet bowl. Test and make sure there not water leaking or choke before he left.Lorraine is good CSO, who understanding on how to reply to customer inquiries and follow up those questions asked. This is support and service that we are looking for… keep it up…
Masira Misdi
Masira Misdi
03:06 12 Oct 22
I changed my common room toilet bowl few months back. The installation was fast and my new toilet bowl is working fine.
11:42 04 Oct 22
Very responsive via WhatsApp, which I really appreciate. It saves me alot of time. Was patient to answer my questions about changing my entire toilet bowl.The whole process was smooth and the work was good.Technician Mani did a good job and was clean and neat during the installation.
Indu Patil
Indu Patil
16:33 15 Aug 22
The technician resolved my toilet bowl issues almost as soon as he came. Though I found his prices quite high, I still appreciate his wonderful service and attitude.
Megan Remedios
Megan Remedios
01:08 16 Jul 22
Reasonably priced fixtures!The installation team, Kumar and Ladi, were on time and worked swiftly to replace my toilet bowl. They were in and out in under an hour and did not leave a mess.My CSO, Cora, was highly responsive and it was easy to confirm details with her.Thank you to the team! Will definitely try out their other services in the future.
Chong-Meng Chai
Chong-Meng Chai
05:21 03 Jul 22
We engaged Mr Plumber Singapore to change out our shower mixer faucet and also the toilet bowl. Both jobs were completed very quickly without making any mess.Many thanks to the technicians - Pandian & Ladi. Kudos to CSO - Mike
Mark Chua
Mark Chua
02:14 20 Jun 22
Very efficient and well done Job, even wanted to come early to help us fix the toilet bowl! Appreciate the effort and time from technician Ladi & CSO Kevin!!
Patsy Ong
Patsy Ong
04:50 15 Jun 22
WA them and Cora replied very promptly.Raj was on time and replaced the toilet bowl quickly.
Theeranai Boripat
Theeranai Boripat
07:28 05 Jun 22
Technician fixing the toilet bowl was incredibly prompt and skilled. Good work.
Navin Raj Natarajan
Navin Raj Natarajan
13:00 20 Apr 22
Quick Response and Quality Work.I got my toilet bowl replaced and the whole experience was painless and easy. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's unsure of what to get and how to install. Shoutout to Technician Mani who did the job for me. Soft spoken, diligent and quick worker! I would ask for him the next time as well.
Eek Chng Lim
Eek Chng Lim
05:04 18 Apr 22
CSO Cora was prompt in enquiries and helpful. Technician Raj was competent and done a good job. Overall satisfied with the toilet bowl replacement.
Christina Toh
Christina Toh
05:48 06 Apr 22
Very fast response on questions from Dessa and Lorraine. The installer Mani was very fast and did a good, tidy job with the toilet bowl installation. Will use then again if needed.
Isabel Chong
Isabel Chong
12:49 24 Mar 22
The plumber were so friendly and skillful. I didn't expect that he would pinpoint the toilet bowl problem so easily and resolve it in a short amount of time. Was really lucky to have them come by. Thank you!
10:58 23 Mar 22
First time purchased toilet bowl from “Toilet bowl city”. Job done perfectly n fast . Plumber “Ladi” are very friendly 👍👍👍👍👍
Alex Chew
Alex Chew
12:04 08 Mar 22
Very punctual. Replacement of toilet bowl was fast and nicely done. Technician Ladi is friendly and helpful. Thank you 😊
Yuanjun Zhang
Yuanjun Zhang
04:12 08 Mar 22
This is the second time I engaged the team, great customer service and workmanship as always. The technician Ladi did a quick and clean job on toilet bowl replacement, really appreciate the service!
Ashwin Kitjakarn
Ashwin Kitjakarn
14:34 28 Oct 21
My toilet bowl had quite a bad leak and so I decided to give them a call despite not having engaged them before. I must say, their customer support staff was really responsive and managed to get an appointment for me in such a short period. The plumber was really polite too and made sure that all our concerns were addressed. Great work!
Lincoln Loh
Lincoln Loh
11:45 14 Sep 21
The customer support staff were really helpful and prompt in booking an appointment for me. Furthermore, they had some of the most polite, skilled, and professional plumbers I've ever met. They accomodated almost every concern I had, fixed my toilet bowl quickly, and gave very reasonable prices. They definitely deserve a recommendation from me.
Shannon Lim
Shannon Lim
16:54 11 Jun 21
I want to commend them for their top notch toilet bowl service and their quick response. Good job!
Jamie Cheah
Jamie Cheah
13:14 30 Apr 21
The toilet bowl installation service provided was great! They responded to my calls almost immediately and the plumbers gave one of the best services around. Very grateful to you guys!
Libby Bee
Libby Bee
18:12 22 Apr 21
I was really worried about my toilet bowl as it just refused to flush and water was leaking out heavily. Fortunately, you guys were very responsive and sent a plumber to repair it immediately. Can't thank all of you enough. So so grateful!
Madison Sim
Madison Sim
07:29 26 Nov 19
I had a old toilet bowl that was overdue for replacement and they provided an easy process to buy and install in the same week. Highly recommended!
Edmund Lee
Edmund Lee
00:55 19 Jun 19
Responsive via whatsapp and friendly service about toilet bowl delivery and installation.
Robbie Lim
Robbie Lim
02:41 17 Jun 19
Great advice given on what type of toilet bowl to choose. Currently it seems to be online only but it is a good experience looking at the toilet bowl choices from their website.
Sonya Tan
Sonya Tan
06:47 07 Jun 19
Wonderful toilet bowl services available with warm customer service advice. Thanks!
Jean Goh
Jean Goh
23:53 29 May 19
Prompt and clear toilet bowl installation packages if you are looking for efficient and fuss free installation.
Gavin W.
Gavin W.
14:34 05 Apr 19
Staff who picked up the phone is nice and friendly. Plumbers are experienced and careful in the toilet bowl installation. Complete experience thanks!
Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong
13:16 31 Mar 19
Very professional and responsive customer service. They are honest and provided good knowledge on toilet bowl choice. Toilet bowl installation is of high quality and they even gave good maintenance advice. Thanks!
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What Are Some Toilet Bowl Issues I Should Never Ignore?

When you experience toilet bowl issues, it’s best to deal with them right away. This is because ignoring problems with your toilet bowl could cause severe damage. The following are some toilet bowl issues you should never ignore:

  • Toilet Bowl Leak
  • Clogged Toilet Bowl
  • Slow Flushing
  • Seat Misalignment
  • Damaged Toilet Bowl Flush
  • Odd Toilet Bowl Noises
What Should I Do When My Toilet Bowl Is Leaking?

A toilet bowl leak shouldn’t have to result in total inconvenience for you. When you’re faced with a toilet bowl leak, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent further damage:

  • Stop Using Your Toilet
  • Check Where The Leak Is Coming From
  • See If There Is Water Under Your Toilet Tank
  • See If There Is Water Around Your Toilet
  • Confirm Whether You Just Have Condensation
  • Inspect Your Toilet For Internal Leaks
  • Disable Your Main Power Supply
  • Release Pressure From Your Pipes
  • Open Your Windows and Turn On Your Air Blower
What Happens If I Ignore A Toilet Bowl Choke?

There are many toilet bowl issues that go unattended such as a toilet bowl choke. You need to make sure to have this resolved right away. Failing to do so could result in many negative effects:

  • Sewage Backup
  • Burst Pipe
  • Foul Smell
  • Flooding
  • Health Issues
What Should I Know Before Installing A Toilet Bowl?

If you’re in need of a new toilet bowl, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. In case you’re unsure about what toilet bowl to install, there are some things that you need to know:

  • Toilet Type and Design Is Important
  • Determine If You Need An S-Trap or T-Trap Toilet
  • There Are Different Types of Flush Systems
  • Installation Cost Will Depend on Amount of Labor
Why Should I Hire A Professional To Install My Toilet Bowl?

A quality toilet bowl is important to have in any home. That said, you shouldn’t try to do it yourself since it requires special knowledge. You won’t also be able to detect any underlying issues that are present. Instead, it’s best to hire a professional as they have the proper expertise and can install your toilet bowl efficiently.


What do I need to do when I experience a problem with my unit?

Please reach out to us directly. Our specialists will be able to identify the root cause of the problem and advise the corresponding solutions.

  • If the issue(s) lies with the installation/workmanship for products which we engaged to install, we will be able to rectify it directly.
  • If the issue(s) lies with the installation/workmanship for products which we were not engaged to install, we will recommend you to liaise with the installer responsible.
  • If the issue(s) lies with the product itself, we will recommend you to contact the respective customer service centre directly.
What is covered under the warranty?

Installation/Workmanship Warranty

For any issues with the installation or workmanship, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Product Warranty

Different product models have different warranty periods and coverage. These information are typically available on the product pages itself.

For more information, please contact the respective customer service centre directly.

What happens if I need to repair my unit after the warranty?

Please contact the respective customer service centre for any queries relating to the product warranty.

If I have lost my warranty card or my document for proof of purchase, am I still entitled for warranty claims?

Warranty card and proof of purchase must be available for any warranty claims.

My product's warranty period has expired. I have just engaged the manufacturing brand for their service on my product. For how long is my product insured?

Please contact the respective customer service centre for any queries relating to the product warranty.

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