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How To Maintain Your Bathroom Wash Basin?

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Every home usually has at least one wash basin in each of its bathrooms. The wash basin is used daily and if it is not well maintained, it may get clogged or may require repairs often. Hence, family members should learn how to maintain their wash basin so that it remains in good condition for a long time. Some tips for maintaining one or more wash basins in a home are provided below to help those who wish to extend the life of their basin. 


Tips For Maintaining Your Wash Basin

Don’t Use An Abrasive Scrubber

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Food and other particles will often stick to the wash basin, so the person cleaning the wash basin will use a scrubber to remove this debris and dirt. There are different types of scrubbers available and abrasive scrubbers will remove dirt more quickly. Do keep in mind that they will also cause scratches on the wash basin. These scratches cannot usually be removed, and the appearance of the wash basin is adversely affected. That is why choosing the right wash basin material is one of the essential factors to keep in mind before buying a wash basin for your bathroom. Additionally, a suitable non-abrasive scrubber should be used. 


Apply A Disinfectant

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The wash basin remains wet after being cleaned since it is used regularly, so bacteria and other harmful microbes can flourish in it. After cleaning, it is advisable to spray a disinfectant on it like Dettol or another product, which will kill the bacteria for at least some time. Wall-hung wash basins like Saniton Camellia Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1100 and Saniton Derris Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1003 are one of those types of basins that is easy to clean. In addition, you may check other different types of wash basins that you can choose from based on their ease of cleaning. 

Saniton Camellia Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1100

Specifications :
  • Installation: Wall hung
  • Available Tap Hole: Ø 34 mm
  • Dimension: L 420 x W 515 x H 190 mm
  • Gross Weight Approx.: 10.5 KGM±
  • Material: Vitreous China

Saniton Derris Wall Hung Wash Basin SB1003

  • Installation: Wall hung
  • Available Tap Hole: Ø 28 mm/ 34 mm
  • Dimension: L410 x W525 x H195 mm
  • Gross Weight Approx.: 12 KGM+-
  • Material: Vitreous China


Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals 

Though harsh chemicals like bleach are sometimes effective in removing dirt quickly, they may damage the basin material. In some cases, may also harm the person cleaning. For mild cleaners like detergent, mild soap, or a mixture of lime juice in water, a natural cleanser can be used. In addition to being a germicide, lemon juice can also help in bleaching stains to make them less noticeable. The lemon juice should be applied for some time to remove the dirt to clean the basin. Therefore, making ease of cleaning a consideration factor when choosing sanitary ware can help avoid the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance due to excessive dirt buildup.


Steps For Cleaning Your Wash Basin 

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– The recommended step-wise procedure for bathroom cleaning is as follows:

  • Remove the items which are kept on the wash basin sink or around it
  • The basin should be filled with hot water which will help in removing most of the dirt and loosening other dirt.
  • After the hot water is drained, cleaning products like vinegar can be used for removing stains or scales.
  • The entire basin should be scrubbed, and baking soda can help to remove odors if any.
  • Rinse the basin to remove any cleaning chemical and wipe it with a microfibre cloth. 


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Maintaining your bathroom wash basin is crucial in order to ensure its longevity and avoid frequent repairs or clogging. Simple steps such as using a non-abrasive scrubber, applying disinfectant, and avoiding harsh chemicals can go a long way in keeping your wash basin in good condition. Additionally, following a proper cleaning procedure can help remove dirt, stains, and odors. To purchase high-quality wash basins and sanitary ware, get to know about Everyhome Singapore – a reliable choice offering a wide range of services and expert recommendations to help customers choose the right product for their needs and budget.

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