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  • WIDE RANGE OF WATER HEATER BRANDS: We are able to supply a wide range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, Rubine, 707, and more, for our customers to pick the suitable choice.

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Best-Selling Water Heater Brands

We are an authorized service agent for all the high-quality water heater brands you see below!



707 is a proud home-grown water heater and home appliances brand with a strong focus on family and personal wellbeing. With more than 50 years in the market, 707 has established a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness and safety.


Ariston is a reputable brand originating from Italy, which is among our best-selling water heater brands. They are a leading global expert in water heaters and heating products that provide people around the globe with Italian-designed, energy-efficient, and high-quality water heaters for a luxury and comfortable shower experience.


Champs has strategically positioned itself as a multi-disciplinary company that engages in the design, development and distribution of electric water heaters. Their full suite of solutions combines form with function to match every consumer’s unique preferences.


Mistral offers high-quality water heating technology from the United Kingdom. Throughout the years, it has been giving utmost safety with their double-safety device – bringing ultimate protection to their customers. Their instant water heaters can withstand low and high water pressure, offering reliability and durability.


Rheem is an industry leading water heater company for water heaters. It was established in the 1920s in San Francisco, California. They have a local manufacturing company set up in Singapore, providing renowned hot water systems, suited for our environment, designed just for consumers.


Rubine is a leading and established Italian brand in the bathroom and kitchen industry. Within a span of 15 years, Rubine has built a strong presence in many markets in the region. Known for its contemporary design, functionality and quality. Rubine continues to develop products which embellish customers’ homes and offers practical benefits.

Bennington has managed to manufacture water heaters especially made for tropical climates like most countries in Southeast Asia, up to temperature climates like Mongolia in North-Central Asia. Bennington have also extended their popularity up to cities in South America, Europe, and China.

Joven is a well-established brand with over 35 years of history. They started out in 1983 and made their way to the top in the water heater industry. The company is a manufacturing company for the JOVEN brand of water heater. Their products are designed with quality thoughts for the end-user in line.

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Customer Reviews About Our Storage Water Heater Services

Roy Tong
Roy Tong
14:18 28 Nov 23
Very satisfied with Mijan and team in replacing the faulty storage water heater. Work area is properly covered and then cleaned after the job is completed. As the ceiling is cut, the painting team patches it back after few days and it is also done nicely. Have engaged Everyworks a few times and every job is done satisfactorily. The customer service deserves compliments also as the communication is clear and response is quick through watsapp. Whole process is fuss-free, Highly recommended.
Arjen de Regt
Arjen de Regt
10:18 28 Nov 23
Great service! I contacted them on Sunday and got immediate response. An exchange of messages clarified the issue and the new water heater got installed in some days, whereby the whole system got checked. Ceiling also ceiled up again flawlessly.
Kwokhwa Tang
Kwokhwa Tang
13:08 20 Nov 23
Mahfuz has done a great job installing the water heater. Very professional and skilled.
Merwyn Dsouza
Merwyn Dsouza
12:55 17 Nov 23
Professional and very skilled work to replace the water heater, avoided cutting the false celing though the opening was quite far from the opening.
Excellent work and service rendered by Mijan from Everyworks Group. He was early, professional and very safe during the installation of my new water heater. They are highly recommended!
Azrul Zainal
Azrul Zainal
11:06 11 Nov 23
Date: 11th November 2023Time: 6:00 PMSubject: Outstanding Service Feedback - Mr. Thana and Customer Service Team, Everyworks SingaporeI am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation and commendation for the exceptional service provided by Mr. Thana from Everyworks Singapore. His expertise and professionalism in the installation of my instant water heater and shower mixer tap were truly remarkable. Mr. Thana not only executed the installation flawlessly but also provided invaluable advice on adjusting the pressure of the flexible hose pipe and main pipe from my water riser, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.Furthermore, I would like to extend my gratitude to the customer service team at Everyworks Singapore. Their prompt responses and detailed explanations contributed significantly to a seamless and hassle-free experience. The team’s dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction, and it greatly enhanced my overall experience with your services.I am thoroughly impressed with the high level of service provided and will not hesitate to recommend Everyworks Singapore to others. Please convey my compliments to Mr. Thana and the customer service team for their outstanding work.Thank you once again for your exceptional service.Sincerely,Azrul Zainal
Raphael Velasco
Raphael Velasco
09:38 11 Nov 23
My water heater was leaking and need to be replaced. Customer support was very prompt in their response and provided me options based on my current heater's model. Installation was done by Casmir who was able to assess onsite that more manpower was required. Installation was rescheduled and was done quickly and neatly by the team. I'm very satisfied with the result.
Alfonso Tan Garcia
Alfonso Tan Garcia
05:58 04 Nov 23
Mijan replaced our old leaking water heater tank. He did a very good job and was very tidy. Overall workmanship was above what we expected, at a reasonable price.
Karen Lee
Karen Lee
12:13 25 Oct 23
The technician Pandian did a great job to install my new Joven water heater. Thank you!
Wan Chway
Wan Chway
08:00 23 Oct 23
The water heater was replaced professionally and very quickly. Mahfuz also used white cement to cover up the old holes in the wall. I'm very happy with such value added service. Thank you, Mahfuz.
Amir Azmi
Amir Azmi
14:11 21 Oct 23
Got Mr Pandian as the technician to replace my faulty water heater. Very punctual. Worked fast and also professional, excellent quality of work. Customer service is also responsive and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend.
Selvin Tamillu
Selvin Tamillu
06:18 19 Oct 23
Was impressed with their speed of delivering the water heater n Raj was very patient n professional in explaining the usage functions.👍
Y-Dub Dub
Y-Dub Dub
00:42 14 Oct 23
Excellent job. My storage water heater broke down and they gave me a quote, came withing 3 days and replaced a new one within 2 hours.Pandian was very professional and did an excellent job.Highly recommended
Ai Ling Ong
Ai Ling Ong
14:31 11 Oct 23
Storage water heater short circuit the whole house twice. Contacted Water Heater City due to their good reviews. Their response is fast and charges are clear and transparent. Kumar took about 2 hours to complete the replacement of the storage water heater.We were focused on the working condition of the heater and overlooked that the heater was slightly mis-aligned. I contacted the customer service and got the next day appointment to rectify the slight misalignment by Kumar. Very satisfied that the problem is solved so quickly.Few days later, I notice there was no warm water flow in my master bedroom toilet basin tap. Contacted customer service and got the revisit the next day.Kumar came and solved it within minutes. Went beyond his responsibility to help me tighten my shower head stand too.I would imagine I would probably be labelled as a troublesome customer by other companies and was pleasantly surprised that I was given queen-like treatment.Impressed with Kumar attitude and professionalism. Such an asset to the company.
13:40 04 Oct 23
Thanks Pandian and Mijan for the replacement of the water heater. Arrived punctually, prompt and professional service. Great job.
Caroline Lim
Caroline Lim
08:38 04 Oct 23
Customer support very responsive and provided all the necessary information. Pandian was professional when he came to install the water heater. He made sure everything was working fine and even check the piping. This is the first time I have engaged their service and I am very pleased. Thank you!
Kelvin Tan Wei Min
Kelvin Tan Wei Min
01:09 04 Oct 23
WhatsApp response time and scheduling of appointments are top notch. The Technicians did a good job with the new water heater installation and piping in compliance to PUB standards and regulations. Highly recommended.
Jason Ong
Jason Ong
10:48 30 Sep 23
Mr. Kumar displayed remarkable attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire installation process of the new water heater. Thank you.
KW Lee
KW Lee
01:38 28 Sep 23
Great service. He has suggested ways to place the water heater after finding out the wires are too short. I'm satisfied with his service.
Irma K
Irma K
02:48 24 Sep 23
Had my storage water heater replaced with the company. From the enquiries/ sales team, Richard, and installation team, Mijan, they are efficient, responsive & professional. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
Edwin Low
Edwin Low
07:13 23 Sep 23
Technician is experienced and efficient. Took less than an hour to replace 2 water heaters.
Mijan & Pandian were extremely professional in their work. They completed changing 2 water heaters and repairing the ceiling in one morning.
chitera rajamanickam
chitera rajamanickam
03:01 01 Sep 23
I'm happy with the service provided. I changed water heater tank and did some additional plumbing work. The staff seems very knowledgeable and was good in explananing things. Highly recommended.
00:44 10 Aug 23
needed to replace a leaking water heater storage tank urgently. Vendor was able to quickly scheduled an earliest date/time for installation like on 9 Aug (i contacted them on 7 Aug)! Appreciate that alot!Work was well done. Initially the tank was a little slanted - saw it at the end when the job was completed. Told the installer that it looks slanted and he immediately proceed to adjust it willingly and without hesitation (the re-adjustment requires him to remove the connected piping and screws again, which is alot of work). It was a job well done!
Stephanie Mak
Stephanie Mak
11:14 16 Jul 23
They did a fantastic job of installing the water heater and patching up the false ceiling. They clean up well too. Thank you.
Em N
Em N
07:25 07 Jul 23
Was informed by an electrician who was helping us with a power trip that our leaking storage water heater was a safety hazard and needed to be replaced asap. Contacted water heater city via WA on the same day in the evening and got a very quick response and a slot to change the water heater the following day. The technician Casmir arrived on time and proceeded to change the heater efficiently and professionally. Would recommend
Nichole Tan
Nichole Tan
07:39 30 Jun 23
Casmir is friendly especially to my dog as i did not have to lock up my fur baby in a room while he is doing his job:) can be stressful for my baby if lockup. After the work is done, he takes time to explain and demo to me how to use the new water heater. Thank you so much.
Teo Sheng Yang
Teo Sheng Yang
09:18 27 Jun 23
Kumar was professional and skilful in installing my water heater.
Daniel Asto
Daniel Asto
04:10 31 May 23
Excellent service from the moment we interacted with the company.The technical staff were professional and installed two new water heaters perfectly, with a minimum of mess despite having to cut the ceiling. They were also very friendly and polite.Would not hesitate to recommend and will use them again for future services!
wong zhihan
wong zhihan
08:31 11 Apr 23
Fantastic onsite service by the team led by Mijuan. Change of Rheem water heater to Joven above false ceiling was completed within an hour with minimal disruption to the ceiling board. Was also pleasantly surprised at the false ceiling patch and paint final quote which was pro rated and lower than initially provided.
Seow Bee Hian
Seow Bee Hian
02:59 11 Apr 23
Mr Mijan arrived on time with good attitude. He replaced our water heater efficiently (took about 1hr+ in total)
Wai Yen Wong
Wai Yen Wong
06:16 09 Mar 23
Mr Mijan, who was assigned to change my Rheem 55L water heater was professional in the way he carried out his job. He carried out the work carefully and did not rush through it. He was very skilful that he did not need to cut our false ceiling to replace our 55L water heater. On top of it all, he was a cheerful worker which put me at ease.He also gave detailed instructions on how to register the heater for warranty.It was very easy to schedule the installation as all communication was done through WhatsApp. The responses were very fast.
Liu Jopu
Liu Jopu
06:21 01 Mar 23
The water heater replacement was done pretty fast! The patching of the false ceiling was nicely done. They also help to rinse the place after all the work are completed to keep the place clean.
Peiguan Cai
Peiguan Cai
04:08 24 Feb 23
Very responsive and professional. Mijan was very helpful in replacing our water heater - will recommend!
Sibil Soman
Sibil Soman
04:00 22 Feb 23
Excellent Service. Booking appointment was easy and response was fast and provided the details i requested. Mr Mijan did a excellent clean job in installation of the water heater. He was professional and answered my doubts
Pamela Ng
Pamela Ng
06:04 10 Feb 23
When my water heater storage tank started leaking, I contacted a couple of companies to enquire and get a quote. Water Heater City was very responsive and helpful with their recommendation. All this coordination, including scheduling of work was easily communicated via WhatsApp. Other than that, they were transparent with their pricing. Mijan, their installer with his colleague arrived on time to do their work and completed it swiftly. The only downside was they couldn’t allocate a slot earlier (I had to wait over a week) because their schedule was packed, but I suppose that means a lot of people find them credible and engage their services.
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Why Is My Water Heater Corroding?

A corroded water heater can deprive you of clean water for your showering needs. This could happen as a result of a defective sacrificial anode rod. It may also be because of too much air inside the tank due to improper plumbing. Otherwise, the glass lining of your heater might have just worn out as a result of being in use for a long time.

What Are The Risks Of A Leaking Water Heater?

A water heater leak is one of the biggest issues you can face. Despite this, some homeowners fail to have it resolved right away. If your water heater continues to leak, there are many risks that could arise:

  • Possible Water Heater Explosion
  • Defective Heating Element
  • Dirty Water
  • Property Damage
  • Mould
  • Electrocution
Should I Have A New Water Heater Installed?

Although there are companies that provide water heater repair services, some water heater issues can only be resolved by installing a new water heater. If you’re unsure whether you need a new water heater installed, look out for the following signs:

  • Water Heater Is Leaking
  • Water Heater Is Too Old
  • Water Heater Produces Odd Noises
  • Water Heater Supplies Rusty Water
  • Thermostat Problems
  • Lack of Hot Water
How Do I Choose The Best Water Heater Installer?

When installing a new water heater, don’t just go with any company. Take note that a water heater installation will only be successful if you choose the right water heater installer. Here are tips to help you find the best water heater installer:

  • Check The Company’s Reputation
  • Confirm That The Company Is Well-Established
  • Make Sure The Company Is Experienced
  • See To It That The Company Is Licensed and Insured
  • Check The Tools and Technology Used By The Company
  • Make Sure The Company Is Certified
  • Look At The Company’s Servicing Costs
How Do I Prepare For A Water Heater Replacement?

If you decide to change your water heater, preparation is extremely important. This will help to prevent any water heater installation issues and make the whole process more efficient. There are a number of ways you can prepare for a water heater replacement:

  • Turn Off The Heater’s Electricity Supply
  • Make Sure Your Heater Has Enough Ventilation
  • Drain Your Water Heater Tank
  • Plan For Electrical Access


What do I need to do when I experience a problem with my unit?

Please reach out to us directly. Our specialists will be able to identify the root cause of the problem and advise the corresponding solutions.

  • If the issue(s) lies with the installation/workmanship for products which we engaged to install, we will be able to rectify it directly.
  • If the issue(s) lies with the installation/workmanship for products which we were not engaged to install, we will recommend you to liaise with the installer responsible.
  • If the issue(s) lies with the product itself, we will recommend you to contact the respective customer service centre directly.
What is covered under the warranty?

Installation/Workmanship Warranty

For any issues with the installation or workmanship, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Product Warranty

Different product models have different warranty periods and coverage. These information are typically available on the product pages itself.

For more information, please contact the respective customer service centre directly.

What happens if I need to repair my unit after the warranty?

Please contact the respective customer service centre for any queries relating to the product warranty.

If I have lost my warranty card or my document for proof of purchase, am I still entitled for warranty claims?

Warranty card and proof of purchase must be available for any warranty claims.

My product's warranty period has expired. I have just engaged the manufacturing brand for their service on my product. For how long is my product insured?

Please contact the respective customer service centre for any queries relating to the product warranty.

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