Other than installing aircon, homeowners can consider installing ceiling fans to keep their homes cool amidst the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Ceiling fans are beneficial to install as they consume less power and are easy to maintain.


Although installing a ceiling fan can provide many benefits to your home, be aware that there are many types of ceiling fans in the market. By taking note of them, you’ll be able to buy the best one for your needs. Here are the different types of ceiling fans in Singapore:

  • Standard Ceiling Fan
  • Low-Profile Ceiling Fan
  • Ceiling Fan with Blades
  • DC Ceiling Fan
  • Caged Ceiling Fan
  • Dual Mount Ceiling Fan
  • Ceiling Fan with Light
  • Bladeless Ceiling Fan
  • Aluminium Ceiling Fan

Some homeowners are hesitant to install a ceiling fan as they feel that it won’t provide much benefit. In fact, there are many reasons why you should install a ceiling fan for your home. This includes the following:

  • It Consumes Minimal Energy
  • It Can Complement Your Home’s Interior
  • It Gives Your Home a Stylish Look
  • It Acts as A Strong Focal Point
  • It Is Made to Be Versatile
  • It Acts as A Light Source

Although there are many ceiling fan models available in the market, not all of them be built with quality material. Besides that, some models might not be suitable for your home. To choose the right ceiling fan for you, be sure to consider these factors:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Size and Mounting
  • Room Size
  • Warranty
  • Blade Size
  • Fan Motor
  • Installation
  • Supplier

What Are The Types of Ceiling Fans in Singapore?

There’s no doubt that ceiling fans help ensure that your home is cool and comfortable, especially when the weather is hot and humid. That said, there are many different ceiling fan types and brands (e.g., Crestar and Alpha) to choose from. It’s best to take note of them so you can install the best ceiling fan for your home.

1. Standard Ceiling Fans

These are the most common type of ceiling fans in Singapore. They are usually built from plastic and are quite affordable and efficient. Nearly all ceiling fan brands supply this type of ceiling fan in multiple styles and sizes.

2. Low-Profile Ceiling Fan


Many also refer to this type of ceiling fan as a hugger since its blades are designed to point closer to the ceiling when hung. If you happen to have a room with a low ceiling, then this fan is highly ideal for you. It is normally installed in small rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room.

3. Ceiling Fans With Blades

Crestar NinjaAir 42″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan

Diameter:  42in (1067mm) | 48in (1220mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  6.1kg (42in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Black | White | Dark Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
Wattage (min/max):  4.1/45W (42in) | 5.2/41W (48in)
RPM (min/max):  90/280RPM (42in) | 90/230RPM (48in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Controls:  6 Speed 2.4G Remote Control - KG31
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED

When it comes to ceiling fans with blades, you can choose from four types of fans namely: a corner fan, a standard ceiling fan, a low-profile ceiling fan, or a caged ceiling fan. These fans are sold in many different styles, sizes, and finishes that can help improve the ambiance in your home. Among the best ceiling fan with blades you can buy is the Crestar NinjaAir 42″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan.

4. DC Ceiling Fans

Crestar NinjaAir 48″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan

Diameter:  42in (1067mm) | 48in (1220mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  6.1kg (42in) | 6.3kg (48in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Black | White | Dark Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
Wattage (min/max):  5.2/41W (48in)
RPM (min/max):  90/280RPM (42in) | 90/230RPM (48in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Controls:  6 Speed 2.4G Remote Control - KG31
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED

This type of ceiling fan can lower your power bills due to its low energy consumption. Thus, if you wish to save on your bills every month, then consider buying this ceiling fan type. One DC Ceiling Fan you can buy is the Crestar Ninja Air 48″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan.

5. Caged Ceiling Fans

Caged ceiling fans have increased in popularity since they help increase the airflow in a room. It’s best to install this fan type in the bathroom since it lowers condensation and ensures increased comfort.

6. Dual Mount Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fan can be installed on a low profile or standard mount. It is highly recommended for those in need of some more room for air circulation. Moreover, it is quite versatile since it can be installed on an attached rod.

7. Ceiling Fans With Lights

Spin Savannah 43″ 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 20W LED
  • 3 Colour Temperature
  • Dual Rotation
  • Natural Wind Mode
  • Timer Function
  • 6 Speed Remote Control 
  • Dimmable Light
  • Wall Control
Many people like to buy ceiling fans with lights due to their high decorative value. Although there are numerous types and styles of ceiling fans with lights to choose from, the most common ones have an LED light that ensures minimal energy consumption. If you wish to buy this type of ceiling fan, you can go for the Spin Savannah 43″ 3 Blade Ceiling Fan. It enables you to control the amount of light that you need with a remote control. In addition, it provides lots of functionality to your home.

8. Bladeless Ceiling Fans


Bladeless ceiling fans are among the most unique ones in the market since they don’t come with blades. Instead, there’s a motor that is powered by an existing wall switch. They can also be fitted easily into existing fan housings.

 9. Aluminum Ceiling Fans

Aluminum ceiling fans are made to be extremely versatile and can even be installed in any part of your home. They are also available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to produce the preferred ambience in your home. They are also built with a special anti-corrosion finish that prevents rust formation or oxidation.


6 Surprising Facts About Ceiling Fans

If you are thinking about installing ceiling fans in your home, it’s important to know some surprising facts about ceiling fans. By doing so, you can ensure that the one you buy best fulfils your needs.

1. They Produce Heat

Although ceiling fans may provide your room with some coolness, they tend to produce heat as well. This heat is produced by the motor and also results from the electricity generated by the fan’s movement.

 2. They Consume Less Power


One of the main advantages of installing a ceiling fan is that it consumes less power even if it circulates much air throughout your home. You’ll be able to save as much as 30% on your electricity bills when you install a new ceiling fan.

3. Larger Fan Blades Are Better

One of the things you should consider before purchasing a ceiling fan, especially a 5 blade ceiling fan,  is how big its blades are. The larger the blade, the more air it will be able to spread throughout a room so it’s as cool as possible. See to it that your chosen fan can move enough air to remove enough heat.

4. A Slow Moving Fan Is More Efficient

KDK U60FW 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • Ceiling fan with DC Motor
  • 9-speed control
  • LED Lighting
  • 1/f Yuragi function
  • LCD Remote Control
  • Patented Safety Design
  • Long pipe suitable for high ceiling of 3m to 3.6 metres
A fan with large blades such as the KDK U60FW 5 Blade Ceiling Fan will be more efficient since it moves more slowly. The reason for this is that more energy is consumed by fast-moving blades. Besides being energy efficient, a slowly rotating fan also circulates air more easily without causing any damage.

5. They Make The Air Cleaner

Ceiling fans better ensure cleaner air in your home when compared to table fans. Although table fans release air more directly, ceiling fans provide better air circulation which means better indoor air quality. The cleaner the indoor air in your home is, the more beneficial it will be for your health.

6. They Are Easier To Maintain


Maintaining ceiling fans is much easier than most people think. All you have to do is to clean off the build-up of dust particles from the blades, once or twice a week. Once this is done, use a damp cloth to wipe the blades. As for the motor casing, you just have to clean it once in a while with soap and water.


4 Reasons Why You Should Install A Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Some homeowners are unsure about installing a ceiling fan.  One reason why you should install a ceiling fan for your home is that it is an excellent way of cooling your home without using up too much energy. Other benefits of installing a ceiling fan (either a 3 Blade Ceiling Fan or 5 Blade Ceiling Fan) include the following:

They Consume Minimal Energy

The most obvious benefit of a ceiling fan is that it is energy efficient and will not require costly maintenance. Another fact you might not know about ceiling fans is they will help improve the air circulation in your home to ensure you have more energy savings.

They Can Complement Your Home’s Interior 


Many types of ceiling fans from brands such as Mayer can improve the appearance of your home. They also act as a great focal point between your dining table and living room. A ceiling fan also increases the amount of light you receive, how comfortable you feel inside your house, and how much sound travels across the room.

They Give Your Home A Stylish Look

Alpha Vannus Luna Led 40″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 25W LED
  • 3 Colour Temperature
  • 40”
  • Remote Control
  • 6 Speed
  • Timer On
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Low Noise
  • High Performance
Ceiling fans can give your home a more unique appearance by complementing the styles and colors of your decor. Many of them also have a modern and stylish design that can bring a decorative element to your home’s interior. One such example is the Alpha Vannus Luna Led 40″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan.

They Act As A Strong Focal Point 

Many homeowners like to install a ceiling fan as a focal point in their rooms. Having a ceiling fan in an open-concept room can also create a welcoming and comforting space. Additionally, they can provide a contemporary appearance.

They Are Made To Be Versatile


Ceiling fans often function as a multipurpose appliances. They can be used frequently and work in any room that has an existing outlet. It’s best though not to install it yourself as a ceiling fan installation is best done by a qualified professional.

They Act As A Light Source 

Alpha Vannus Luna Led 56″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 25W LED
  • 3 Colour Temperature
  • 56”
  • Remote Control
  • 6 Speed
  • Timer On
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Low Noise
  • High Performance
Ceiling fans can also function as a light source. This is because it gives a layered lighting design in the room. Some models even have a dimming feature which is ideal for homeowners who want to read at night while relaxing in bed. One ceiling fan you can consider buying is the Alpha Vannus Luna Led 46″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan.


8 Key Factors To Keep in Mind When Buying A Ceiling Fan in Singapore

There are many options to consider before you buy a ceiling fan. To assist you with your purchase, here are some of the most common factors to keep in mind when choosing a ceiling fan in Singapore.

1. Energy Efficiency


Installing a ceiling fan is a feasible way of cooling your home. Besides that, it is mostly used as an energy-saving alternative to installing an aircon. Normally, a ceiling fan should use up between 15 to 95 watts, depending on its size and speed.

2. Size And Mounting 

Before having a ceiling fan installed, you also have to consider how much space it will take up on your ceiling. Your ceiling should be able to support the bars needed to mount the fan so it doesn’t fall. Ceiling fan size is also important as there are ceiling fans, such as the Alpha ceiling fan that tend to be larger and won’t complement a small room.

3. Room Size


One of the main advantages of installing a ceiling fan at home is its versatility. This means it can be used for both small and large areas. Take note though that a smaller ceiling fan may not be very effective for a bigger room. Thus, make sure to consider the room size when doing your purchase.

4. Warranty

A warranty is another essential thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan. When you have a warranty, you can replace your ceiling fan in case it has any defects. Some ceiling fans provide a warranty of 6 years while others only have a 3 year warranty.

5. Blade Size

Mayer D’Fan Typhoon 52″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 2 or 8 Hours Timer
  • 5 Speed Settings
  • 5 ABS Blades
  • LED Light Triple Color with Dimmer
  • Adjustable Rotation Direction (Clockwise or Anti-clockwise)
  • DC Inverter Motor
  • Remote Control
You need to consider the blade size when buying a ceiling fan. This determines how much air the fan can circulate in the room. A ceiling fan with a large blade size like the Mayer D’Fan Typhoon 52″ 5 Blade Ceiling Fan can better provide wide air circulation around your room.

6. Fan Motor

The ceiling fan’s motor size also determines the amount of air that will be circulated in your room. There are three basic types of ceiling fan motors namely the direct drive, belt drive, and universal motor. How fast your ceiling fan will move will depend on what type of motor it has installed.

7. Installation

Installing a ceiling fan tends to be an easy process as long as it’s the right size. You’ll first need to search and cut out the right holes and then route the wires from the socket and connect them to your fan.

8. Where To Buy

Where you buy your ceiling fan is also important to consider. It’s recommended to buy a fan from a company that offers affordable prices and a range of brands like a Spin Ceiling Fan, Crestar Ceiling FanKDK Ceiling Fan, and more. By doing this, you’re more likely to buy a quality product and save on your purchase.


5 Factors To Consider When Installing the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Home

In a humid country like Singapore, it can be difficult to do routine activities due to the extreme heat. Fortunately, you can install a ceiling fan to cool yourself off. Just make sure to consider several factors to install the right ceiling fan for your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation


Many homeowners think that they can install a ceiling fan themselves. However, it’s best that you hire a professional ceiling fan installer with enough experience to avoid any costly damage.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

The cost of a ceiling fan installation will depend on the type of ceiling fan you want to install for your home and where you plan to mount it. Make sure to ask for a quotation first from the company so you can plan your budget and compare prices.

Consider Having A Ceiling Fan Repair

For old ceiling fans that have lots of dust, it is best to have them fixed or replaced.  If you think your fan can still function properly, you can contact a professional to repair it. However, it’s best to have a ceiling fan replacement performed so you don’t have to spend heavily on repair costs.

Researching For The Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

One thing you should do before buying a ceiling fan is to research it first and compare it with other ceiling fans in the market. Keep in mind that most ceiling fans are made by different brands and consist of their features and functions. This will help you find the perfect ceiling fan that suits your needs.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan


If your home has a garden or patio, you can install an outdoor ceiling fan so that you can sit and relax more comfortably outdoors. You can install as many of them as you want since they are much cheaper than air conditioners.



Why Should You Consider a Ceiling Fan With Lights For Your Home?

Although there are many ceiling fan designs and models available for sale in Singapore, many are preferring to install a ceiling fan with light in their home. Some of the benefits of purchasing a ceiling fan with light in Singapore are discussed in detail below.

Uniform Light Distribution

One major benefit of installing a ceiling fan with light is that it ensures your room has uniform lighting. This type of ceiling fan is normally installed in the center of the room as long as nothing else is mounted on the ceiling. It consists of a light generally attached to the center of the fan so the surrounding area is illuminated.

Energy Efficient


Nearly all lights used for ceiling fans in recent times have been LED lights. The energy consumption of these lights is quite minimal compared to other types of lights. Thus, if a homeowner installs a ceiling fan with LED lights, they’ll have lower power bills.


When choosing whether to buy a wall fan or a ceiling fan, many families are going for ceiling fans with lighting since it makes their home look unique and modern. This is because many ceiling fans with lights have fan blades designed in different colors and materials to match any interior design.

Space Saving


In many small homes, families wish to save some wall space. Fortunately, installing a ceiling fan with lighting will free up some space on your so wall so you can use it for other appliances and make your home look less cluttered.


The lifespan of a ceiling fan with light depends on the type of light used. Many ceiling fans with light use LED lights so they can last at least ten years without any major problems. This is much longer than the lifespan of other lights like CFL or incandescent lights which often last only 3-4 years.


Another thing to know about a ceiling fan is that a model with a light may cost slightly more than a standard fan. That said, it is still much more affordable than when compared to the cost of buying and installing a fan and light separately.

Controlled Lighting

Crestar ValueAir 40″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan

Diameter:  40in (1020mm) | 46in (1170mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  6.5kg (40in) | 6.7kg (46in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Matt Black | White | Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
3.6/12.6W (40in) | 4.8/27.5W (46in)
RPM (min/max):  90/280RPM (40in) | 90/280RPM (46in)
CFM: 3300ft3/min (40in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Control:  6 Speed 2.4G Remote Control
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED
One reason to purchase a Crestar ValueAir 40″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan for your home is that the LED lights it uses can be controlled through a controller. Not only will a controller allow you to switch the LED lights on or off, but it can also help you adjust their brightness and color.


If you happen to be interested in buying a ceiling fan, remember that there are many different types of ceiling fans such as standard ceiling fans, bladeless ceiling fans, ceiling fans with light, and many others. You should also take note that ceiling fans produce heat and consume minimal amounts of power. They also make the air cleaner and are easier to maintain than air conditioners. Other reasons you should install a ceiling fan are that they complement your home’s interior, are versatile, and give your home a stylish look.

When buying a ceiling fan in Singapore, make sure that the model you choose is energy efficient. Moreover, it should be big enough for your room and built to be supported by your ceiling. Your chosen ceiling fan should also be covered by a warranty so that it can be repaired or replaced in case it happens to be defective. When it comes to installing the ceiling fan, take note that it’s best to contact a professional to do the job for you so you can avoid any costly damage. You should also request a quotation beforehand so you can plan your budget. Should your ceiling fan be filled with dust, it might be better for you to go for a ceiling fan replacement so you don’t have to pay for costly repairs.

One of the best types of ceiling fans you can buy for your home is a ceiling fan with light. This provides uniform light distribution and can be controlled remotely. Not only that, it is extremely durable and affordable as well as energy efficient. For quality ceiling fans, contact Everyhome Singapore. We supply the best ceiling fans in Singapore and can even perform ceiling fan installation for you safely and efficiently. By engaging us, you’ll not have to worry about any damage from your ceiling fan.

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