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Discover the Top 4 Benefits of Two-Piece Toilet Bowls for Your Bathroom


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If you are looking to install a new toilet bowl as your current one has seen its better days, with marks, cracks, and stains, it is important to understand the two main types of toilet bowls namely 1-piece toilet bowls and 2-piece toilet bowls. In Singapore, the 2-piece toilet bowl is gaining more traction due to the many advantages it offers. 


Convenient Installation

When comparing 1-piece toilet bowls to 2-piece toilet bowls, installing a 2-piece toilet bowl is much simpler since you will be dealing with the bowl and tank separately. The overall weight is lighter, making the task easier. Although it is possible to complete the installation yourself, it is not a simple undertaking and the required tools are costly. To ensure the job is done properly, hire a professional toilet bowl service instead to install the toilet bowl.


More Economical

Tiara 208 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Tiara
  • Model: 208
  • Dimensions: 660 x 360 x 770mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: ✓✓

One thing to know when buying a toilet bowl is that when it comes to price, a 2-piece toilet bowl is more affordable. Manufacturing of 1-piece toilet bowls is costlier because they are not in high demand, resulting in higher prices. Since 2-piece toilet bowls are more common and produced in larger numbers, they are less costly.

The Tiara 208 2-Piece Toilet Bowl is a great example of a budget-friendly 2-piece toilet bowl. Its features make it a great choice, particularly when you are looking for a cost-effective option. This toilet bowl is designed to save water and has a rimless bowl, a curved seat, and a soft closing seat cover all of which are important factors to consider when selecting the best toilet bowl for your needs. You will also be pleased with this toilet bowl from Tiara as it is both aesthetically pleasing and economical.


Lesser Weight

Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-203A
  • Dimensions: 690d x 350w x 800h mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

When it comes to moving a 1-piece toilet bowl, it can be a challenging task especially if you have to do it alone. The weight of the unit makes it difficult to manoeuvre. However, if you choose to install a toilet bowl such as the Baron W-203A, you can benefit from its much lesser weight. Instead of managing one bulky unit, you only need to carry two lightweight and smaller pieces which are also much easier to install.

The Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl is a great option when it comes to ease of installation and manoeuvrability. With its innovative design, you only need to handle two lightweight and smaller pieces, making the entire installation process a breeze. The Baron W-203A is also packed with impressive features such as a water-saving flushing system that requires only 4.5 litres of water per flush, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Additionally, the slow-moving seat cover adds a touch of convenience and comfort.


Replacing or Fixing Broken Components Easily

In comparison to a 1-piece toilet bowl, it is much easier to repair and replace a 2-piece one. For instance, if common toilet bowl problems occur, only the tank or the bowl itself needs to be replaced with the 2-piece toilet bowl. On the other hand, the entire toilet bowl must be changed when it comes to a 1-piece model.



If you’re considering installing a new toilet bowl, and you’re deciding which to install between a 1-piece toilet bowl and a 2-piece toilet bowl, take note that the 2-piece toilet bowl’s installation process is more convenient as the bowl and tank are dealt with separately. This makes it lighter and easier to handle. Additionally, 2-piece toilet bowls are more economical as they are produced in larger quantities, resulting in lower prices. Furthermore, repairing and replacing components is simpler with a 2-piece toilet bowl compared to a 1-piece model, where the entire model needs to be replaced in case of issues. 

For plumbing fixtures, it is recommended to hire a professional service for proper installation. If you’re looking for assistance finding the perfect toilet bowl that you need, contact Everyhome Singapore. With our extensive knowledge regarding toilet bowls, you can rely on our expertise to provide you with the perfect bathroom products in line with your needs.

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