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5 Reasons To Install A Wall Hung Basin In Your Bathroom


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Selecting the perfect basin is a significant decision when it comes to bathroom renovations. A wall hung wash basin is a favored option among homeowners for its numerous advantages. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 reasons why installing a wall hung basin in your bathroom is worth considering. With features such as effortless maintenance and stylish designs, a wall hung basin can elevate your bathroom into a functional and chic space. 


It’s Easy To Maintain

The low-maintenance nature of a wall hung basin is one of its major advantages. Unlike pedestal or floor-mounted basins, a wall hung basin eliminates the need to clean around the base, making cleaning a breeze. A simple wipe down of the basin and the wall behind it is all that’s required. Moreover, accessing a wall hung basin for cleaning is much easier compared to a floor-mounted basin, which can be challenging to reach.

One of the many benefits of installing a wall hung basin is that it helps to keep the surrounding floor area clean. With no base or pedestal to clean around, sweeping or mopping the floor becomes hassle-free, without the worry of cleaning solutions damaging the basin or its base. 


It Saves Space


A wall hung basin can be an ideal choice for small bathrooms due to its space-saving benefits. Unlike above counter wash basins, a wall hung basin is directly attached to the wall, freeing up valuable floor space and creating a more open and spacious feel in the room.

Moreover, a wall hung basin can also help to maximize counter space. Since it doesn’t require a large vanity or counter to support it, as countertop wash basins do, you can have more available counter space for other bathroom essentials. This can be especially advantageous in bathrooms with limited storage space.


It Has A Minimalistic Design


If you’re seeking a sleek and modern design for your bathroom, a wall hung basin is an excellent choice. Its direct attachment to the wall creates a minimalistic look that adds a contemporary feel to your bathroom. Additionally, without a base or pedestal, a wall hung basin presents a streamlined appearance that can help reduce clutter in your bathroom, enhancing its overall aesthetic. 

Another advantage of a wall hung basin is its versatility in style. It can be easily paired with various types of faucets and accessories, allowing you to customize the look of your basin to match your personal style and the overall theme of your bathroom. 


It Makes Your Bathroom Look Stylish


Enhancing the style of your bathroom is made easy with a wall hung basin. Its direct attachment to the wall creates an eye-catching focal point that adds visual interest to your space. Furthermore, the versatility of a wall hung basin allows it to be paired with various styles of faucets and accessories, enabling you to create a unique and personalized look in your bathroom.

While there are many factors to consider when choosing sanitary ware, style has to be one of them. One advantage of a wall hung basin is its compatibility with different bathroom styles. Whether your bathroom has a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional and ornate aesthetic, a wall hung basin can be a perfect fit. If you’re looking for stylish basin options in Singapore, Everyhome Singapore offers a diverse range of wall hung basins to suit your bathroom’s style and elevate its overall appeal.


It Makes Your Bathroom Look Wider

Just like how a compact instant water heater saves space, a wall hung basin can create the illusion of a wider bathroom. With its direct attachment to the wall, it eliminates the need for a base or pedestal that could obstruct the view of the floor, resulting in a more open and spacious feel to the room.

Furthermore, the versatility of a wall hung basin extends to its installation height. This makes it advantageous for households with family members of varying heights, as the height of the basin can be customized to ensure comfort for everyone. This flexibility in installation height adds to the convenience and usability of the wall hung basin in your bathroom. This is why it is important to engage professional wash basin installation service provider to ensure quality work. 



In summary, a wall hung basin offers a plethora of advantages such as low maintenance, space-saving, minimalist design, stylish appearance, and the ability to make your bathroom appear more spacious. For quality wash basins in Singapore, look no further than Everyhome Singapore. Their extensive range of wall hung basins provides options that cater to your requirements and aesthetic preferences. Don’t delay, contact Everyhome Singapore today and elevate your bathroom with a sophisticated wall hung basin.

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