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Why Should You Install Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater?


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Using hot water is extremely effective in removing dirt and grime. Not only that, it is satisfying to use at the same time. Hence, almost every home in Singapore has a water heater. As the market for water heaters is thriving, there are a lot of companies that are competing in selling water heaters in Singapore such as Mistral.

There are many reasons why Mistral instant water heaters are popular in Singapore. However, this is just simply because of the immense value for money that it provides. Listed below are the features of a Mistral MSH303i instant shower water heater and why is it considered one of the best models in the market.



Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH303i
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW


The Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater can be slightly expensive compared to other water heaters, however, the value that you get from its price is excellent. Plus, it’s more affordable in the long term since it can save you money because of its many energy-saving features. This makes the MSH303i Instant Shower Heater one of the best sellers in the market. 

Instant water heater installations are not only beneficial because of their energy efficiency, but also their ability to instantly heat water only when needed. Therefore, compared to storage water heaters that will potentially store unused heated water, a Mistral water heater’s energy consumption is 20% lower or maybe even more in some circumstances. 


Safe and Reliable 

Homes that have small children are especially at risk when it comes to water heater accidents such as burns, and scalding, among others. Fortunately, among the things to know about Mistral water heaters is that they utilize many safety features. Before buying water heaters online or in stores, it is recommended to read up on some tips for buying from a bathroom supply store. 

The MSH303i Instant Shower Heater’s heating element is only turned on only when hot water is immediately required. Therefore, the chances of corrosion and damaging components caused by hot water are lessened significantly. Considering your instant water heater installation was done properly, the lifespan of the instant water heater unit is typically longer. Typically it is 10 to 15 years, compared to a storage water heater that has a lifespan of only 7 to 12 years.


High-Performance Instant Heating 

The MSH303i Instant Shower Heater is among the best instant storage water heaters to choose from in Singapore. This is because of its high-performance instant heating. One of the factors to install an instant water heater is its heating coils. They are designed to heat water immediately – eliminating any waiting time. The heating coils are designed to heat water immediately, so the user doesn’t have to wait for hot water to be produced. As a result, less water is wasted, greatly improving the unit’s efficiency.


Upgraded Anti-Scalding Thermal Safety Design


Hot water is effective in removing dirt and grime. However, if the temperature of the water is exceedingly high, it can damage the skin and cause scalding. In order to prevent scalding, people mix cold and hot water.  Yet, since you cannot properly measure the temperature, mistakes can still often occur. This is an example of a common water heater problem that can be resolved by installing a new one. One of the instant water heater models to consider is the MSH303i Instant Shower Heater.  It can prevent these types of issues by featuring a thermostatic mixing valve, which automatically detects water temperature. If the temperature exceeds a certain specified limit, the heater will adjust accordingly. This ensures that the temperature always remains below the burning point.


Multi Massage Spray Sensation 


Instead of spending time and money getting a massage elsewhere, with the Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater, you can simulate a massage. Using the latest spray design, it is possible to adjust the water pressure as desired. Unlike other shower sets, the Mistral MSH303i’s spray settings can be adjusted depending on whether the user wishes to relax or energize. Its shower system is extra customizable, as you can adjust the amount, rate of flow, temperature, and pressure of the water. 


Splashproof to IP25 

Instant water heater buying guides usually recommend water heater brands such as Mistral, Rubine, or Champs because of their safety and reliability, as they are uncompromising in adhering to IP standards. The Mistra lMSH303i Instant Shower Heater is rated IP25. The 2 in the IP rating indicates that the unit is protected against solid objects over 12 mm, and the 5 means it’s protected against low-pressure jets of water from whatever direction, with limited ingress permitted. The unit’s design ensures safety from both solid foreign objects and is protected against various forms of moisture.  



There are a lot of things that you should know about Mistral instant water heaters, and there is more to it than those listed above. According to experts and product buying guides online, the Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater hits all the right checkboxes when it comes to shopping for a water heater in a bathroom supply store. You can have a water heater that you can rely on in terms of saving money, safety, reliability, and energy efficiency. Some of the features include an anti-scalding thermal safety design, multi-massage spray, double safety valve, etc. 

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