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Why is Mistral Instant Water Heaters Popular in Singapore?


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Did you know that almost every home in Singapore has a water heater installed? Among the many competing brands, experts still recommend that homeowners install an instant water heater from brands such as Mistral

Many consider Mistral water heaters as one of the best instant storage water heaters to choose from in Singapore. This makes buyers want to find out what is it that made Mistral instant water heaters as popular as they are in Singapore. Many people who are interested in buying the right hot water heater for their home might feel a bit overwhelmed – especially if they need to choose the right brand and model based on their requirements. 

Below is a detailed look into Mistral water heaters and why they are popular in Singapore.



Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH303i
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW

Comparing a storage water heater, we can see that a Mistral instant water heater consumes far less electricity without compromising anything. This is because, for an instant heater, the water is only going to be heated when it is going to be used. In contrast, a storage water heater stores water and will heat it if it loses the desired temperature constantly. Depending on the total volume of hot water needed by its users, energy consumption for an instant water heater is approximately 30-50% lower. Therefore, a Mistral instant water heater is one of the best economical options for water heaters.

Models such as the Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater are one of the best-selling bathroom products. It provides anti-scalding, reliability, multi-massage spray sensations, IP25 protection, and high-performance instant heating. All while being safe and reliable. On top of that, not only does it save money in the long run, but the second you buy it as well. This makes the  MSH303i Instant Shower Heater more affordable as compared to other models while maintaining top-notch quality and performance.


Instant Heating

Mistral MSH88P Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH88P
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW

Storage water heaters that were once widely used in Singapore, take at least 5 to 10 minutes to heat cold water to the desired temperature. On the other hand, Mistral water heaters like the Mistral MSH88P Instant Shower Heater have a heating element that can immediately produce hot water. On top of its many safety features, energy efficiency, and performance, good quality material is used. This makes it a worthy bathroom product to invest in.


Splash Proof IP 25


When buying an instant water heater, one factor to consider is its Ingress Protection (abbreviated as IP). This indicates the level of protection against solid objects, dust, hand contact, water, etc. Mistral water heaters are rated IP25. The first digit on the number following the IP, in this case, 2, indicates protection against solids. The second digit indicates protection against liquid.  Mistral water heaters are protected against solid objects over 12mm and against low-pressure jets of water.


Upgraded Anti-scalding Thermal Safety Design

Since hot water has the ability to sterilize, it is considered better for cleaning. However, in some cases, the water temperature can be excessively high. This can result in extremely painful burns. If a water heater loses its means to properly regulate water, even by a little bit, this is a huge indicator of a faulty water heater. This common water heater problem can be usually resolved by installing a new water heater. Especially a brand like Mistral, as their units feature an upgraded design for greater thermal safety and scalding prevention. The water heater’s sensors measure the pressure and temperature of the heated water and adjust the flow of water accordingly. 


Double Safety Device

If the pressure in the water heater exceeds the safety limit, the water heater has a chance to explode. This could potentially lead to serious harm to your property and your family as well. To avoid this situation, Mistral water heaters feature a pressure valve (T&P) as a water heater safety device. Once the temperature or pressure exceeds the safety limit, the valve will open automatically. It is recommended to test your installed instant water heater or storage water heater T&P valve yearly to prevent such incidents from happening.


Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control

The heating element of water heaters is typically located at the bottom of the unit. Cold water will enter the heater from the bottom, and when it is heated, hot water will rise to the top of the unit. To ensure that the water is heated to the temperature that is specified by the user, water heater brands like Mistral feature a temperature sensor at the bottom. After the set temperature is reached, the water heater is then switched off automatically. This effectively reduces electricity consumption, which makes this one of the many reasons for choosing energy-efficient water heaters. 



Instant water heaters are much more convenient and efficient than storage water heaters making them among the products typically recommended by product buying guides. Although every water heater can be perfect for a certain situation, Mistral water heaters are perfect for virtually any bathroom. The Mistral water heater’s splashproof protection is rated at IP25. Its thermal design effectively prevents scalding or even avoids it altogether. It also has a double safety device where the T&P valve automatically opens once the pressure or temperature exceeds the safety limit. On top of that it is extremely economical, with its temperature control and instant heating which multiples the unit’s energy efficiency. 

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