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What Should You Know About Mistral Instant Water Heaters?


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Water heaters are a significant part of the overall energy consumption in every household in Singapore. Therefore, one of the main factors that individuals are looking for when buying an instant water heater is its energy efficiency. This is because an energy-efficient heater can greatly save energy, and in monthly bills as well.

One brand that often stands out is Mistral. Mistral water heaters are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and overall quality. On top of that, they have a wide range of instant water heaters available for every preference that a buyer might have. Read more below to find out more about various Mistral water heaters models and their respective features, so that you can choose the best one for your home.


Mistral Water Heaters

Did you know that in bathroom products stores, Mistral is one of the best-selling water heaters in Singapore? This is due to the fact that their water heaters are designed to be energy efficient and yet can be bought at affordable prices.

Additionally, they are ergonomically designed and have multiple safety features. However, not all Mistral water heater models are the same. Every one of their water heaters has varying specifications which are described in detail below.


Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater

Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH303i
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW

The Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater is among the best instant storage water heater to choose from in Singapore. This particular water heater only consumes 3.3 kW of power but can heat upwards of 3-4 litres per minute. The MSH303i’s energy efficiency is amplified by its heating element and high-density insulation. For safety, its enclosure is rated at IP25. This means that it’s protected against solid objects over 12mm and low-pressure jets of water from all directions. It also incorporates an anti-scalding device to prevent burns and other injuries. It is compact and comes with a sliding shower set. The Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater is an affordable well-rounded water heater option – making it ideal for any bathroom setting and budget. 


Mistral MSH505ES Instant Water Heater


The Mistral MSH505ES Instant Water Heater is a high-quality 3.3 kW water heater that produces 12 litres of water per minute.  There are various common water heater problems that can be resolved by installing a new one such as buying the Mistral MSH505ES. It features various sensors; namely an earth leakage sensor and a turbine flow sensor. The earth leakage sensor easily detects leakages, both deep and shallow. The turbine flow sensor measures the rate of water flow in the water heater and controls it if needed. Additionally, the thermostat prevents water from overheating so that it won’t boil dry. Like the Mistral MSH303i instant water heater, it also has IP25 protection and comes with a shower system.


Mistral MSH88MB Instant Water Heater

Mistral MSH88MB Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH88MB
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW

Due to the convenience and energy efficiency that instant water heaters provide, along with multi-point water heaters, are among the most highly sought-after products in Singapore.

For example, the Mistral MSH88MB Instant Shower Heater features a rain shower column and a massage spray with various different settings depending on your preferences. The same massage spray has an adjustable water pressure to mimic a spa-like experience using a DC pump that utilizes a silent inverter. The heater’s water flow varies between 3 to 7 litres per minute. The MSH88MB’s enclosures have a rating of IP25, as well as an inbuilt earth leakage circuit breaker. On top of that, a thermostat regulates water temperature and prevents scalding altogether.  The quality of its design, and its use of the latest technology, make it one of the best in regard to energy efficiency, and reliability similar to why Rubine instant water heaters are popular amongst Singaporeans.


Mistral MSH66 Instant Shower Heater

Mistral MSH66 Instant Shower Heater

Model MSH66
Warranty period 1 year for internal parts 5 years for heating elements
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power Rating 3.3 kW

The Mistral MSH66 Instant Shower Heater is an extremely viable option for homeowners that wants a massaging shower along with their instant water heater. Its multi-massaging spray head that provides multiple sensations has a flow rate of at least 3 litres per minute. It incorporates an anti-scalding device and an enclosure rating of IP25, which makes it a safe and reliable option. Like the other Mistral water heaters mentioned above, the Mistral MSH66 Instant Shower Heater is extremely energy efficient when it comes to its operation. 



Mistral has been manufacturing one of the best instant and storage water heaters for many years now. Their innovative technologies offer reliability, quality, and durability for all of their products. With their double-safety devices, Mistral has been giving the utmost importance to the customer’s safety. It’s hard to decide what to choose among the four options that are listed above. 

The MSH303i instant water heater is an affordable well-rounded option as it ticks all of the checkboxes when it comes to features. The MSH505ES instant water heater is at the top tier when it comes to reliability and durability. Plus, it is in the middle when it comes to price.  The MSH88MB instant water heater is one of the most premium water heaters available in the market. On top of its many features, its unit and rainshower set has a classy black design perfect for any bathroom. Lastly, the MSH66 instant shower heater is another premium option that has multiple massage sensations. 

All of these heaters are viable options for any bathroom. Even in instant water heater buying guides, the decision will ultimately depend on your own needs and budget. 

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