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What Are The Common Water Heater Problems and How Can Installing A New Water Heater Help Resolve This


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Water heaters come in various kinds, but they all often share the same issues. Cold water may be coming out instead of hot water or there is an usual noise coming from the water heater. This often results in having a bad shower experience.

In this post, we will look into various common issues with water heaters and how installing a new one can be a more viable solution.


Common Water Heater Problems


Before getting into the specific issues, it is important to understand that there are two common types of water heaters in Singapore, instant water heaters and storage water heaters. We will classify the different issues in terms of these types.


Instant Water Heater

There Is No Hot Water

There are instances where the water heater does not offer heated water over the typical 5 seconds of cold water. However, this is only a minor problem in comparison to a water heater that does to provide heated water entirely. Electric resistance is one of the reasons why your instant water heater is not hot. The electric supply must be compatible with the water heater you choose. At times, another reason could be that the water heater may be defective. If this is the case, the components of the water heater would have to be replaced. It is better to purchase a new water heater because it has brand new and more effective parts.

Rubine RWH-1388B Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-1388B Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: NIL Net Weight: 1.3kg Colour: Black Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-1388W Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: NIL Net Weight: 1.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

If you are planning to purchase a new water heater, the Rubine RWH-1388B Instant Water Heater is an option to look out for. This instant water heater uses a UK technology heating element that guarantees you get hot water quickly and with no fail.

Burning Hot Water Is Coming Out


Do you feel like you could be scalded by the hot water coming out of your water heater? The temperature of the instant water heater and pressure settings need to be examined and adjusted to prevent this. It could also be caused by a pressure valve that was installed incorrectly or even by a defective component, in which case consulting a professional would be necessary. 

You may also consider purchasing a brand new water heater. The 707 Queenston Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower can be a good option. This instant water heater is equipped with a multi-level anti-scald safety system, which stops heating when the water temperature reaches a scalding level. It ensures safety and protection from unwanted injuries caused by too much hot water.

707 Queenston Instant Water Heater with Rainshower

Rated Rating 3.3kW
VOLTAGE 230V a.c
DIMENSION 210 x 330 x 73mm

Water Heater Is Leaking 

Leakage can be caused by too much pressure, poor plumbing, or corrosion. If so, the problems can be fixed by adjusting the pressure, correcting the plumbing valve, replacing the corroded part, and lowering the thermostat settings. 

However, resolving these issues can prove to be more expensive and it may be time consuming trying to figure out which parts need to be adjusted, fixed, or replaced. It is best to buy a brand new water heater from the best-selling water heater brands instead.

Water Heater is Making Noises

If your instant water heater is producing an unusual and rumbling sound whenever it is in use, the reason behind it can be due to a scale substance building up on the heating element. This indicates that a specific element needs to be changed or a sign that installing a new water heater is needed.

Discoloured Water Is Coming Out

When you start to see any colours in the water supply, it may be a sign that the anode of the water heater is corroding or broken. This often means that your water heater has to be replaced with a brand new water heater. 


Storage Water Heater

Water Heater Is Leaking 

A leak from the top or bottom of an electric storage water heater could be the result of condensation, an overflowed pipe from too much pressure, or loose piping. In this case, installing a new water heater such as the Rheem EHG 50 Electric Storage Water Heater can be a better approach to resolve the water heater leaking issue. Its pressure relief valve with built-in check valve helps to prevent excessive pressure in the inner tank. This feature helps avoid water heater leaks.

Rheem EHG 50 Electric Storage Water Heater

Model EHG 50
Warranty period Tank: 5 Years, Parts: 1 Year
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Wattage 3000W

There Is No Hot Water

There are typically three possible reasons why there would be no hot water supply, which could be caused by a loss of electric power and in which you might wish to check the circuit breaker or if the heating element needs to be replaced because it has failed. This might also happen if the water becomes extremely hot and hits the limit switch, requiring to install a new water heater. 

The Ariston Andris Slim2 Lux SL2 Lux 30L Wifi Storage Water Heater allows you to control having hot water anytime and anywhere. It is the first and only smart water heater in Singapore and has a lifelong titanium heating element. This ensures top heating performance during the whole product life, and you never have to worry about your hot water supply. 

Champs SA15 Storage Water Heater

Model Champs SA15 Storage Water Heater
Size (W x H x D) 385 x 385 x 309 mm
Weight 8.1kg
Warranty period Parts: 2 Yrs; Tank Leakage: 5 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power 2000W

Burning Hot Water Is Coming Out


This is commonly caused by an excessively high thermostat setting or by a broken thermostat that has to be replaced. You can check if the thermostat is too high and adjust it as needed. It is recommended to install a new water heater if nothing has changed following the adjustment.

Water Pressure Is Low

One of the common reasons for low hot water pressure is a water heater leak and sediment buildup in the plumbing lines. Additionally, small pipes could obstruct water flow and lower output pressure. To raise the pressure, you might want to replace the pipe with larger plumbing. Alternatively, you could opt to install a new water heater and refer to a storage water heater buying guide. This can help you make an informed decision with your purchase.

Water Heater is Making Noises

It is possible that a buildup of sediments in the tank will cause strange noises rumbling or slamming inside the tank. Water leaks, high pressure, and pipe expansion and contraction are also possible causes. Consider purchasing a new water heater and ensure to keep an eye out on the features to look out for in a brand new water heater.

Dirty Water Is Produced

This indicates that your water heater has to be replaced before the problem worsens because the anode rod or the tank may be corroded. A tank flushing procedure may be used to address the issue of having discoloured water caused by sediment buildup.

Installing the Ariston Pro R Slim 80L Storage Water Heater can help solve this problem as its large anti corrosion magnesium anode prevents dirty water from accumulating in your water heater. It also has a high-efficiency insulation material and an exclusive enamelled tank protection, ensuring its quality and effectiveness.

Ariston Pro R Slim 80L Storage Water Heater

Type: Storage Water Heater (Suitable for concealed ceiling hidden) Capacity: 80L Warranty Period: Tank – 5 Years; Heating Elements – 1 Year Made in China

The Water Coming Out Has Foul Smell

While both unclean water and odorous water are caused by various factors, there is a distinction between the two. When bacteria in the water heater tank develop and release a bad smell, it might result in odorous water. To completely eliminate the odour, the tank would require regular chemical treatment and flushing. In order to avoid any hassles from resolving an odour coming from the water heater, installing a new water heater is highly recommended.



In conclusion, there are several potential issues with your installed water heater, all of which are caused by a variety of factors. You are in charge of keeping it in prime condition so that it will function as needed. However, there are times we cannot completely avoid these common water heater problems from occurring. Therefore, it is suggested to purchase and install a new water heater to help resolve these issues. There are a category of products and brands to choose from. You can refer to a product buying guide to help in making a wise purchase decision and you can choose the best water heater that suits your needs!

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