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S-Trap Toilet Bowl vs P-Trap Toilet Bowl


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Since the toilet is used frequently on a daily basis, most homeowners try to install a toilet bowl that is good quality. Older homes typically have an S-trap toilet bowl, whereas newer homes have a P-trap toilet bowl. As this is a modern product, they usually opt for well-known toilet bowl brands.

Homeowners want to learn the difference between S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls so they can determine which is best for their families. The differences between the primary features and benefits of a toilet bowl trap are explained in this article.


Functions Of A Toilet Bowl Trap

The toilet bowl and other components of a home’s plumbing system, such as basins and bathtubs, are connected to the sewerage system. Typically, the waste in the sewerage system decomposes due to the presence of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that produce gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide, and ammonia.

The odor of these gases will enter the home if the toilet bowl is directly connected to the sewage system. This may cause a problem for homeowners in the future. Consequently, toilet bowls typically contain a trap that connects to the sewerage system. There are two types of traps available on the market. We can choose which one to buy – an S-trap or a P-trap.

Traps are filled with water to prevent the entry of hazardous gases into a home. If the bathroom is unused for an extended period, the water in the trap may evaporate, allowing gases to enter the home. With this, you might find it useful to know why you should choose a Baron toilet bowl to replace your old toilet bowl. They offer a wide variety of options for both S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls that are high-quality.


S-trap Toilet Bowl

Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-203A
  • Dimensions: 690d x 350w x 800h mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

The majority of older homes in Singapore feature S-trap toilet bowls. If you are wondering what this looks like, it is an S-shaped trap between the toilet outlet and the septic tank. This is typically filled with water.  An S-trap toilet bowl like the Baron W-203A has the most practical design and is suitable for homes in which the toilet bowl is connected to the drainpipe through the floor. The S-trap has the advantage of catching larger objects that may accidentally be flushed down the toilet. In addition, families with infants and young children may also find this S-trap helpful.

P-trap Toilet Bowl

Rubine Piz Fora PF-106P07 1 Piece Toilet Bowl

Model: PF-106P07

Type: Washdown, P-Trap 180mm

Colour: White

Dimensions: 670 x 370 x 750mm

Water Efficiency: Available in 2 ticks and 3 ticks

Water Consumption: Full Flush (4.00L) / Reduced Flush (2.80L) or Full Flush (3.50L) / Reduced Flush (2.50L)

Package Included: One-piece WC + Seat cover

Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 10 Years On Ceramic Deformation

TOTO CW823NJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Flush system : Wash Down
Water Use : 4L / 3L
Rough-in : 305 mm
Bowl Shape : Elongated
Water Pressure : 0.05MPa ~ 0.70MPa
Size : 510W x 760D x 605H mm

Toilets are left unused for months whenever homeowners leave their homes for a long period of time. Toxic gases could enter the house if the water in the S-trap dries out. Plumbing rules have been changed to fix this issue. 

Due to this, many new homes now come with P-trap toilet bowls like the TOTO CW823NJ or the Rubine Piz Fora PF-106P07 1 Piece Toilet Bowl. These modern toilet bowls make homeowners feel safe from potential toxic gases. The P-trap toilet bowl resembles the letter P and is typically connected to the drainage system through a hole in the wall.


Dry Traps Can Be More Than Just Smelly


A common issue with toilet bowls is their offensive odor. The foul odors emanating from the toilet as a result of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane are the most evident sign that the toilet trap is dry. However, additional harmful gases such as odorless carbon monoxide can also enter the home if the bathroom is dry. 



Before replacing your toilet bowl, one of the things to know before buying a toilet bowl is which type of trap you want to install. One of the primary functions of the trap is to prevent hazardous gases from escaping the toilet bowl. This is vital as inhaling these gases can be fatal for homeowners. The water in the trap prevents the gases from escaping the toilet bowl. 

Essentially, an S-trap is a trap that is S-shaped and located between the bathroom drain and the sewer system. It is attached to a floor-mounted drainpipe. A P-trap, on the other hand, resembles the letter P and is attached to the drainage device through a hole in the wall. To install a toilet bowl on your own, you may require a lot of job experience because there are many factors to consider, so hiring a professional is advantageous. If you require assistance, please contact Everyhome Singapore so that our team can provide you with the most suitable recommendations for your toilet bowl installation.

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