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What Are Rimless Toilet Bowls?


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Many homeowners have a toilet bowl installation performed for their rimmed toilet bowls. However, one of the issues with a rimmed toilet bowl is that it often has a buildup of dirt and bacteria inside the rim. To overcome this problem, many reputed home appliance brands are manufacturing rimless toilet bowls. The information below is a comprehensive look at rimless toilets. This guide will help you to compare standard toilet bowls and rimless toilets so you can be more familiar with the latter’s features. You can also better decide whether a rimless toilet is suitable for your home.


What Are Rimless Toilets? 


Rimless toilet bowls are a new type of toilet that only became popular recently. This type of toilet bowl doesn’t have a rim which can become a source of bacterial accumulation. As a result, the entire surface of the toilet can be easily cleaned in contrast to more traditional toilet bowls. Take note though that you should still know how to properly clean your toilet bowl to ensure maximum hygiene.

In the decade since rimless toilet bowls were made, they have increased in demand. As such, many one-piece toilet bowls now feature a rimless design.


How Do Rimless Toilets Function? 

Many rimless P-trap and S-trap toilet bowls have a flushing system whereby the water circulates in a tornado-like manner. This is so that the water will cover more of the inner surface areas of the toilet bowl to clean them better. As a result, the flushing is more thorough and water efficient at the same time. Rimless toilets are thus a much more hygienic and water efficient option compared to older toilet models. 


Rimless Toilet Bowl Models 

The following are some of the most popular rimless toilet bowls described in detail to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl 

Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-818
  • Dimensions: L690 x W375 x H810 mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

The Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is a compact toilet bowl that has a length of 690 mm, a width of 375 mm, and a height of 810 mm. This makes it suitable for small bathrooms. The Baron W818 Toilet Bowl also utilizes a wash-down mechanism that relies on gravity to flush down waste. It only consumes 2.8 litres of water when flushing liquid waste and 4 litres of water solid waste. Not only is this one of the most efficient flushing systems around, it was precisely engineered using long lasting and high quality materials. These are only some of the reasons why you should choose a Baron toilet bowl to replace your old one.

American Standard Milano CL20415-6DACTCB 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

American Standard Milano CL20415-6DACTCB 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: American Standard
  • Model: Milano CL20415-6DACTCB
  • Dimensions: L760mm x W422mm x H707mm

Homeowners that are looking for a comfortable toilet option should look into this rimless toilet bowl, the American Standard Milano CL20415-6DACTCB 1-Piece Toilet Bowl. This elongated toilet bowl is larger than most other rimless toilets. It has a length of 760 mm, a width of 422 mm, a height of 707 mm, and measures 390 mm from the toilet seat to the floor. It is recommended that this toilet bowl be installed for large bathroom setups due of its size. 

This American Standard Milano toilet model is a P-trap toilet bowl that has a double vortex washdown mechanism which provides stronger and more efficient flushing. The reduced flush can be used for liquid waste since it only consumes an estimated 3 litres of water. On the other hand, the full flush is more ideal for solid waste and consumes about 4.2 litres of water.

Tiara 522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl 

Tiara 522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Tiara
  • Model: 522
  • Dimensions: 710 x 400 x 690mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: ✓✓

One of the factors to consider when choosing a toilet bowl is whether it fits your budget and its quality. Usually, good brands tend to be more expensive than generic ones. However, reputed brands like Tiara recognize that most buyers have limited budgets. As a result, they have manufactured one of the best 1-piece toilet bowls in the market which is the Tiara 522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl. This is considered among the most affordable rimless toilets available. 

The Tiara 522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl simultaneously provides affordability and efficiency, without compromising quality. It is a floor-mounted toilet bowl that has a length of 710 mm, a width of 400 mm, and a height of 690 mm. It also has a slow closing cover and uses a wash-down mechanism which prevents water wastage. There are also full-flush and reduced-flush options. This helps to conserve water when flushing liquid waste as a large amount of water isn’t typically needed for flushing liquids. The reduced flush consumes only 2.5 litres of water while the full flush consumes 3.5 litres per flush.

Magnum 935 Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Magnum 935 Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Magnum
  • Model: 935 Turbo Tornado
  • Dimensions: L670 x W370 x H740mm

There are many reasons why you should choose a Magnum toilet bowl. Among the many manufacturers of bathroom accessories and fixtures, the Magnum brand is considered one of the best. As such, rimless toilet bowls like the Magnum 935 Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl are becoming an increasingly popular bathroom product. The Magnum 935 is sized at a length of 650 mm, a height of 740 mm, and a width of 370 mm. Its compact size makes it a really good option for small to medium-sized bathrooms. 

The Magnum 935’s design is optimized for comfort with its curved seat and its turbo tornado flushing mechanism which provides better water efficiency. Its flushing feature enables the water to circulate like a tornado, utilizing gravity and force to wash away debris and bacteria. Moreover, it consumes only 2.7 litres for a full flush and 2.4 litres for a reduced flush. It also uses a Gerberit flushing system that contributes to its efficiency and reliability. Hence, it is among the best-selling home appliance products in the market.



Rimless toilet bowls are an eco-friendly toilet bowl option that not only features greater water efficiency but better quality as well. For these reasons, rimless toilet bowls are becoming widely popular in Singapore and are being bought in increasing numbers. However, shopping for toilet bowls may be hard. This is because even though there are a lot of toilet bowl buying guides available, you may not find the right option for you due to the limited options in local stores. 

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