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Difference between S-trap and P-trap Toilet Bowl


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Choosing a specific type of toilet bowl may not be as easy as you think. There are more things to consider than just the brand. Drain traps are also one of the factors to pay attention to when selecting a new toilet bowl. There are two different kinds of drain traps you can choose from, the P-trap and the S-trap.

This article aims to help you choose between the P-trap and the S-trap. We will discuss the differences so you can choose wisely with ease.


What is a P-Trap Toilet Bowl?

P-trap toilet bowls can be identified through its U-shaped pipes. They link your drain to a septic tank or a sewer system. The function of the P-trap is that it helps prevent sewer gases from entering your home by continuously holding some water inside.

P-Trap Toilet Bowl Installation

If you are interested in having your P-trap toilet bowl perfectly installed, even though it seems like an easy task, it is not recommended to attempt installing it on your own. Both the S-trap and the P-trap toilet bowl installation tools might be expensive. Moreover, hiring a plumbing professional can help you avoid the unneeded extra costs and get good results. They also help to prevent common toilet bowl issues that could occur in the future.

What Is The Suitable Setup for a P-trap Toilet Bowl?

The top floors are appropriate for a P-trap toilet bowl. This is one of the features to look out for when purchasing the best toilet bowl for your bathroom. A P-trap toilet bowl will work best if you live in an HDB flat in the upper floors. To avoid any complications with your HDB toilet bowl installation, it is crucial to engage a skilled plumber to install it.

The Design Efficiency of a P-trap Toilet Bowl

In P-trap toilet bowl designs, the water is forced to turn 90 degrees and descend due to its horizontal run; there is no looping over and returning back down. Since the water in this example has a longer course, this type of design is more common than the looping one. This allows the P-trap toilet bowl, such as the Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033 2-piece Toilet Bowl, to easily handle a high amount of water.

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Water traps can be maintained effectively in a P-trap toilet bowl. It is reasonable to compare cylinders with five rows and those with four rows. This relates to how much water they get. P-traps can catch water more effectively when the pipes have bigger diameters.

Backflow Prevention System for P-Trap Toilet Bowl

A natural water seal is produced by the P-trap. Although water may run into the overflow pipe, it will not return to the toilet bowl. Any backflows are prevented by the water seal that is located at the bottom of the trap. Sewer gas is thus prevented from entering the trap. This is one of the different facts you should know about P-trap toilet bowls.


What Is An S-Trap Toilet Bowl?

S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls are quite similar. The only difference between a P-trap and an S-trap toilet bowl is that an S-trap has no horizontal arm. It is well known to bend downward and then downward again, creating an S-shape. The drain pipe serves as the connection between the drainpipe and the floor. Let us explore the S-trap toilet bowl in greater detail.

S-Trap Toilet Bowl Installation

S-trap toilet bowls can be set below ground level because they are frequently used on the ground floor. They are often installed using PVC adhesive, but the pipes can also be attached without it. Only plumbers can install S-traps because they are fairly difficult to install. Hence, the expertise of toilet bowl professionals might be quite valuable if you opt for an S-trap (or P-trap) toilet bowl. Each plumber must first complete extensive training before being given the approval to work for you. Professional plumbers can assist you in choosing the appropriate S-trap or P-trap toilet bowl while considering your needs, and expertly performing the toilet bowl installation.

What Is The Suitable Setup for an S-trap Toilet Bowl? 

Ground floors are best suited for an S-trap toilet bowl. An S-trap toilet bowl is a good choice if you reside on the ground floor and are attempting to decide which toilet bowl will work best for you. The Saniton Melissa ST2452 1-Piece Toilet Bowl and Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 2-Piece Toilet Bowl are two great options. If you are still uncertain, you can seek the advice of toilet bowl experts for a better shopping guide.

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The Design Efficiency of an S-trap Toilet Bowl 

An S-trap toilet bowl is well-designed and simple, much like the Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl. The drainpipe descends from the toilet and enters a typical trap. Similar to this, the sink drain lowers before entering the trap. However, there can be a problem with this type of design. In addition to human waste, a lot of other things are often flushed down toilets that clog the drain over time.

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S-trap toilet bowls can be regarded to be somewhat less effective since they are known to dry out. Gases can now move because of this. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining this toilet bowl can be difficult. It may be necessary to replace the entire S-trap system, which can be expensive. On top of that, bacteria can accumulate in the S-trap toilet bowl, causing issues with discomfort and odour that are typical of toilet bowls.

Backflow Prevention System for S-Trap Toilet Bowl

An air filter is included with the S-trap. Although the sewer gas is not entirely eliminated, it is prevented from entering your home.


S-Trap and P-Trap Toilet Bowl: Which Is Better

Both an S-trap and a P-trap are utilised the same way in toilet bowls, but they serve quite distinct functions. It is crucial to take installation requirements and risks into account when choosing between an S-trap or P-trap toilet bowl for your home.

S-trap toilet bowls are no longer permitted to be utilised in new construction or even while modifying an existing property. This is because an S-trap toilet bowl does not comply with the housing code requirement, and the inspectors are therefore unlikely to approve of an S-trap toilet bowl during an inspection.

Due to its design, the S-trap could allow dangerous sewer fumes to enter your home. If an S-trap is left dry for an extended period of time, it may potentially allow rodents to enter your home. Hence, the P-trap might turn out to be a smart decision. Should you need a more detailed explanation about which product to buy, there is a product buying guide that you can refer to. 


You will need to choose from a range of toilet bowl products if you intend to install a new toilet bowl since your old one has started to exhibit problems, such as a leak. Aside from the brand, you will have to decide between a toilet bowl with an S-trap or a P-trap. The aforementioned distinctions between them are important to recognize. For more home and bathroom product needs, you may shop at Everyhome Singapore for high-quality brands. 

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