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S-trap Toilet Bowl and P-Trap Toilet Bowl – How Are They Different


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In an HDB flat, there are a variety of fixtures that can be connected to the sewage system. These fixtures include the sink tap, HDB toilet bowl, and tubs. The plumbing system for these fixtures normally consists of a trap. An S-trap or P-trap can be used depending on where the toilet bowl will be installed. A homeowner who wants to install a toilet bowl must understand the difference between S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls and how to choose one.

Here are the things you need to understand about toilet bowl traps:


Functions of a trap

Rubine Piz Fora PF-106S06 1 Piece Toilet Bowl

Model: PF-106S06

Type: Washdown, S-Trap 150mm, Bottom Connection

Colour: White

Dimensions: 670 x 370 x 750mm

Water Efficiency: Available in 2 ticks and 3 ticks

Water Consumption: Full Flush (4.00L) / Reduced Flush (2.80L) or Full Flush (3.50L) / Reduced Flush (2.50L)

Package Included: One-piece WC + Seat cover

Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 10 Years On Ceramic Deformation

Rubine Punta Nera PN-105P07 1 Piece Toilet Bowl

Model: PN-105P07
Type: Washdown, P-Trap 180mm
Colour: White
Overall Dimension: 670 x 400 x 730mm
Water Efficiency: Available in 2 ticks and 3 ticks
Water Consumption: Full Flush (4.00L) / Reduced Flush (2.70L) or Full Flush (3.50L) / Reduced Flush (2.50L)
Package Included: One-piece WC + Seat cover
Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 10 Years On Ceramic Deformation

Because drainage pipes are connected to the sewage system, they may produce a huge quantity of gases including carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen. It may endanger the lives of the family members if these gases enter the house. Aside from toilet size, design, and other things that you need to know before buying a toilet bowl, a trap is also an equally important consideration when it comes to toilet bowl installation.

In addition, a direct connection to the sewer system may allow pests to enter your home. A great toilet bowl like a Rubine Piz Fora PF-106506 1-piece toilet bowl S-trap toilet bowl and Rubine Punta Niera PN-105P07 1-piece toilet bowl P-trap toilet bowl can stop this from happening. Water will accumulate inside the trap and serve as a barrier to keep out gases and pests. Any large object that accidentally enters the drain pipe may potentially become stuck in the trap.



An S-trap toilet bowl is the most basic kind of trap used in plumbing systems. The trap is formed like the letter S and was previously utilized in practically all plumbing systems.

American Standard Acacia SupaSleek CL20075-6DASGCBT 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Product Type One-piece
Color White
Shape Elongated
Flush Rate 2.6/4 L
Flush Type Dual Flush
Flushing System Double Vortex
Trapway Type Concealed
Trapway S-trap
Dimension L747mm x W385mm x H634mm

When an S-trap toilet bowl like the American Standard Acacia SupaSleek CL20075-6DASGCBT 1-piece toilet bowl is full, water builds up in the bend and prevents the gases from escaping. However, if the S-trap is not in use for an extended period of time, the water inside may evaporate. This can then create a hole through which the hazardous gases from the sewage system may enter the home. The problem may be quickly resolved by adding some water to the sink or toilet bowl that is linked to the S-trap.



TOTO CW823NJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Flush system : Wash Down
Water Use : 4L / 3L
Rough-in : 305 mm
Bowl Shape : Elongated
Water Pressure : 0.05MPa ~ 0.70MPa
Size : 510W x 760D x 605H mm

In modern homes and buildings, the P-trap toilet bowl is more commonly used since it eliminates the majority of problems caused by the S-trap toilet bowl. The P-trap toilet bowl is curved which causes it to go up and down. The waste gases will then exit through the vents. A P-trap that has been properly installed will likely survive any condition. You may consider installing the TOTO CW823NJ if you are looking to shop for a P-trap toilet bowl.


Which type of trap to choose for your HDB toilet bowl?

Since the majority of HDB residences have a drainage outlet on the ground, most homeowners have installed an S-trap toilet bowl. Although many households still use S-trap toilet bowls, the majority of homeowners are now transitioning to P-trap toilet bowls in order to adapt to the changing times. Everyhome Singapore provides a variety of toilet bowl brands, like Toto and Magnum which both offer a lot of options for S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls. All in all, this will allow you to choose the toilet bowl that best suits your needs.



Selecting the correct trap for your toilet bowl is important for ensuring the health and safety of your family. S-trap and P-trap toilet bowls both prevent dangerous gases and bugs from entering the home. If you are contemplating which one to buy between an S-trap or P-trap toilet bowl, you might want to have a more in-depth discussion on the different features of the two. For improved performance and longevity, S-trap toilet bowls are being replaced by P-trap toilet bowls in the majority of HDB apartments. 

With a variety of brands available in the market, homeowners have the flexibility to make an informed choice when selecting a toilet bowl that meets their needs. You may also use our toilet bowl buying guide to help you find the perfect toilet bowl for your home.

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