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What is the Difference Between A Wall Mounted and Floor Mounted Toilet Bowl?


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One reason why bathroom remodelling and renovations can be difficult is due to the overwhelming variety of products that are available. Not only that, there are many different types of toilet bowls. Fortunately, this article will highlight the key differences between a wall-mounted toilet bowl and a floor-mounted toilet bowl so you can determine which type of toilet bowl will suit your bathroom best.


Wall-Mounted Toilet Bowl


A wall-mounted toilet bowl is simply a toilet bowl that is mounted on the wall. Many homeowners planning a toilet bowl installation for their home are often considering getting a wall-mounted toilet bowl. With this type of toilet, the tank is hidden behind the wall and waste is drained through the hidden pipes. As such, it is an extremely viable option for small or minimalistic bathrooms.


Floor Mounted Toilet Bowl

Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Baron
  • Model: W-203A
  • Dimensions: 690d x 350w x 800h mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: 

floor-mounted toilet has been the most commonly used toilet bowl in the world for many years. As a matter of fact, they’ve become the standard toilet bowl option for most buyers. This toilet bowl offers better stability and is more affordable compared to other types of toilets. However, this doesn’t mean that it offers less value than a wall-mounted toilet.

A 2-piece toilet bowl from Baron like the Baron W-203A 2-Piece Toilet Bowl provides excellent value for money. It is made with high-grade ceramics which ensures that it will last longer. Its features include a washdown flush as well as a slow-moving seat cover. In addition to having an affordable selling price, it is water efficient since it only consumes 4.5 litres of water for each flush compared to other systems that often consume roughly 9 litres of water.


Floor Mounted Or A Wall Mounted Toilet Bowl?


When it comes to deciding whether to get a wall-mounted toilet or a floor-mounted one, it is recommended that you consider a few factors. If money is not an issue and you wish for your bathroom to have a more contemporary design, a wall-mounted toilet is suitable for you. It’s easier to clean, and it gives you more space. However, due to the tank being installed inside the wall, you would need to spend more money for the installation process. On the other hand, floor-mounted toilets can be much more flexible for a buyer’s budget. In addition, installing this toilet bowl is easier and cheaper.



When comparing different types of toilet bowls like wall-mounted toilet bowls and floor-mounted toilet bowls, each has its own advantages. A wall-mounted toilet is more compact and tends to be better looking in terms of design. On the other hand, floor-mounted toilet bowls are more standard toilet bowls. They are more resilient against common toilet bowl problems and are more flexible in terms of cost. This makes them a highly preferred choice. One of the most important things to know before buying a toilet bowl is that the type of toilet bowl you should buy will ultimately depend on your needs and your bathroom’s specifications.

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