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Things To Know Before You Buy A Multipoint Water Heater


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Although they go by many names, multipoint water heaters are typically just as efficient as boilers. Multipoint heaters provide hot water for your shower and faucets. Boilers, on the other hand, heat their building’s central heating system, resulting in hot water.

Listed here are the few things you need to know about multipoint water heaters before purchasing one. 


How Much Does A Multipoint Water Heater Singapore Cost?

When compared to storage and instant water heaters, multipoint water heaters are more affordable. The price of installing a storage water heater or an instant water heater might depend on a variety of things. The complexity and location of the job will have a significant impact on the installation cost. However, compared to installing a boiler heater, the total cost of installation will be significantly lower.


Comparison Between Multipoint Heater Singapore Vs. Storage Heaters

Saniton Melissa ST2452 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

  • Brand: Saniton
  • Model: Melissa ST2452
  • Dimensions: L 660 x W 370 x H 735 mm
  • PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme: ✓✓✓

Water heaters like the 707 Dalton 25 Storage Water Heater use electricity while they are turned on. A typical water heater error you should avoid is leaving it on. You can also study on how to best maintain your water heater so that it uses less energy and lasts longer. Additionally, a multipoint heater uses just one heater to heat water, but it quickly distributes hot water to all of your water outlets. This suggests that only when they are in use do these multipoint heaters use less electricity. This translates to financial gain by making it very handy for you to save both money and energy.



As a homeowner, you care about the water heater safety that will surely benefit your whole family. Multipoint water heaters (e.g. Bennington Multipoint Water Heater S630M) is a fantastic solution. It simultaneously gives hot water supply to a number of outlets. Since the water will be coming from the central heater, it will usually take 10 to 30 seconds before you start receiving the hot water.


Installation Convenience


Humans naturally have a negative perception of products with difficult installation processes. Complicated installation procedures cost a lot more money. One good thing about multipoint water heaters is that they are relatively convenient to install. Some issues you may encounter with storage water heaters are their size because it needs a larger space for the installation. As for the multipoint water heater, their size is smaller than a storage water heater.



A normal multipoint water heater’s effectiveness is determined by the unit’s age. However, you’ll discover that electrical heaters and boilers are 100% efficient compared to others. Concerned by a rampant utilities bill? Fret no more! Water heaters like the Champs City Instant Water Heater are energy-efficient. This helps you to reduce your electricity consumption. 

Champs City Instant Water Heater

Model Champs City Instant Water Heater
Size 192 x 289 x 88mm
Weight  0.8 kg
Warranty period Parts: 2 Yrs; Heater Element: 5 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power 3.3kW, 230V, 56/60Hz


Consistent Water Pressure


Multipoint water heaters are made to conveniently and consistently provide hot water to a number of sources. You can thus connect to numerous restrooms, showers, or mixers. One drawback of installing storage water heaters is that the water pressure can drop to 50% or less.


Lesser Heating Time

The availability of hot water makes it possible to source gas or energy for the heating system from a single location. This implies that energy will only be consumed when needed. This is another reason to lower the temperature of your water heater, as using the highest setting with these kinds of heaters will not be helpful. Multipoint water heaters are typically installed above the sink or basin and have a swivel spout. This reduces the amount of time needed to acquire hot water by ensuring that hot water arrives at your shower head quickly.


Continuous Supply of Hot Water


Storage water heaters like the Everhot 25L Water Storage Heater can retain a large volume of hot water, although such water can run out at times. Water pressure and temperature consistency are also important factors to take note of. Multipoint water heaters can guarantee a steady supply of water anytime you need it. Yes, it is possible for someone to be using the restroom while another person is busy cleaning kitchen utensils. Even if the hot water is flowing from a single source, this is still something that might be done simultaneously.

Everhot 25L Water Storage Heater

  • Dual handed inlet and outlet fittings
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy to access fittings
  • Warranty: Parts: 1 Yr; Tank: 3 Yrs


Low Maintenance

One more advantage of a multipoint water heater is that it just needs one unit to provide hot water to numerous locations. Water heater maintenance is also less expensive whenever you run into problems. Instead of paying more to have many water heater units built, you will save a ton of money with just one unit.



Are you thinking of installing or replacing your old water heater with a multipoint water heater? It is best to know the difference between multipoint heaters in Singapore and other heaters to help you decide what to buy. You must choose what is safer, convenient to install and efficient. Another thing to look out for is the consistency of water pressure and water temperature, lesser heating time, and low maintenance is a big plus.

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