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What Are The Advantages of Buying Rubine Water Heaters In Singapore


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Is your existing water heater starting to have issues, and you are aware that it will not last for long? You might need to invest into a new water heater before it entirely fails.

Most Singaporeans prefer Rubine water heaters among the other brands available in the market. The reason why is because of the benefits consumers get to experience when installing a Rubine water heater. Here is a list of the advantages of installing a Rubine water heater for your home. 


They Provide Convenience

The storage water heaters and instant water heaters from Rubine are famed for improving your quality of life. It makes it much easier to wash your laundry and dishes and allows you to have a hot shower anytime you choose. Ultimately, it was designed with your convenience and ease of use in mind.


They Produce Quality Water

We are well aware that heat sterilises water by killing any hazardous microscopic organisms. This is why using hot water not only makes things more comfortable but also improves your health.

Your existing water heater may have been in use for around 10 years before it began to exhibit problems, such as an orange colour coming from the faucet. This indicates that the quality of the water heater is not very excellent. Installing a Rubine RWH-1388 instant water heater or storage water heater is the ideal option if you want the highest quality from your water heater. They are well-known for providing the best experience, which is why Rubine water heaters are so popular among Singaporeans

Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-1388W Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: NIL Net Weight: 1.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank


They Are Eco-Friendly

People are also unaware that Rubine water heaters are eco-friendly. The components may be recycled and changed. In comparison to other home appliance brands, Rubine water heaters produce lower greenhouse gas emissions, less air pollution, and are generally safer for the environment. This is one of the features to look out for in a brand-new water heater


They Give You Warm Showers


Purchasing a new water heater such as the Rubine Slim Horizontal SH 20L storage water heater will ensure that you always have an adequate supply of hot water. No matter how long you wish to spend in the shower, there will always be hot water available to you.

Rubine Slim Horizontal SH 20L Storage Water Heater

Model Rubine SH-20
Capacity 20L
Rated Power 2500W
Net Weight 13.1kg
Size (W x H x D) 750mm x 271mm x 293mm
Package Included Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Mounting Hardware
Warranty period Parts & Services: 1 Yr; Heating Element: 5 Yrs; Tank: 7 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty


They Can Prevent Water Damages

Installing a new Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater is recommended if your current water heater has been around for 8 or 10 years. You can lessen incurring water damage and other common water heater problems from your old heater by doing this.


They Consume Less Energy


The reason why it is important to install an energy-efficient water heater from Rubine is because it will provide you with numerous advantages. Even though you have spent a lot of money from purchasing one, you are guaranteed to save far more money in the long run on your energy costs. 


They Save Space


You will conserve more space if you decide to have a Rubine instant water heater installed. You might not even require three feet of room to install an instant water heater because of their compact size. This will therefore be a fantastic alternative if you live in a smaller home.


They Are Cost-Effective


You can also reduce your energy costs by installing a Rubine RWH-3388 instant water heater. Water is heated as needed rather than being stored, which improves functionality while using less energy.

Rubine RWH-3388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-3388WHP Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: DC Net Weight: 2.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank


Proper Flow Rate and Installation Cost

One point to consider when installing a water heater is that it can be expensive. Make sure to get a reputable company who can provide you with excellent water heater services, so that the cost you have spent in installing your water heater will be worth it. When you engage the right professionals, they can also provide you information on water heater safety as well as the correct flow rate. Hence, you can be confident that using your Rubine water heater will not present any issues in the future.


They Are Durable and Long-Lasting

If you have decided to purchase a storage water heater or an instant water heater from one of the best-selling water heater brands, such as Rubine, then you can save more money because of the durability of their products. The components of Rubine instant water heaters are more long-lasting because they are easy to replace. Rubine water heaters are a good choice if you are looking for a water heater that can save your energy costs and provide you with long-term security. 


They Provide Constant Hot Water Supply


Unexpected loss of hot water may force you to take cold showers. However, if you purchase a reputable type, such as a Rubine Space SPH 30S SIN 3.0 (I) storage water heater or instant water heater, it will provide you with an unending supply of hot water. It will be unlikely to run out of hot water no matter how many showers, loads of laundry, or dishes you perform in a day.

Rubine Space SPH 20S SIN 3.0 (I) Storage Water Heater

Model Rubine SPH 20S SIN 3.0 (I)
Capacity 20L
Rated Power 3000 W
Net Weight 8.6kg
Size (W x H x D) 397mm x 355mm x 375mm
Package Included Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Mounting Hardware
Warranty period Parts & Services: 1 Yr; Heating Element: 5 Yrs; Tank: 5 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty



Due to its benefits, the Rubine water heater is the most popular choice in Singapore. The uninterrupted supply of hot water provided by this brand is the major factor in its success. In addition to its water heater capabilities, Rubine is renowned for its quality and innovative features. If you want to know more about water heaters, you may look into our instant water heater buying guide and storage water heater buying guide. This can help you make an informed purchase and choose a Rubine water heater with the best features that suit your needs.

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