Aircon Light Blinking- Causes and How Can Installing a New Aircon Help Resolve This


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An aircon is a complex appliance. The environment can affect its overall condition. Dirt and dust can gather outside of the aircon which can affect its performance. Aircon light blinking indicates that it needs to be repaired. This is because the machine has identified an internal problem. Even most of the aircon brands have included a blinking aircon light on their products to let users know when an internal problem needs to be fixed. This article will discuss 7 common causes of blinking aircon lights and why installing a new aircon will resolve them.


Air Circulation is Weak


One of the common issues that homeowners face with their aircon is when rooms do not get cold. This happens when your air conditioning machine cannot adequately circulate air. The reason why the aircon is not cold even after servicing is because of improper installation or an issue with the motor. The user manual for the air conditioning device should be used to verify any trouble codes it displays. The majority of manufacturers enable an error message to be shown on the remote control or control panel of their air conditioning units. However, there are instances wherein the error code does not show in the user manual. In this case, installing a new aircon can be a better option.


Refrigerant Gas Is Leaking

The refrigerant gas of the aircon ensures that the air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible. Lack of refrigerant could result in condensation. This may eventually lead to a frozen condenser and leakage. Additionally, a compressor unit malfunction may result in damage and a hissing sound. 

Refrigerant gas leaks are extremely dangerous to the environment and your health. Once you have detected a leaking refrigerant gas, it is recommended to install a new aircon. If you are in search of a good aircon brand, you can choose between a Mitsubishi aircon and a Daikin aircon.


Air Filters are Blocked


With the different types of aircon, changing or cleaning aircon filters is essential. Clean filters help the evaporator unit operate more efficiently. Lack of maintenance causes dust to build up in your air conditioner. This increases the likelihood of odour and poor air quality. Clean your aircon filters at least once every three months to maintain the evaporator coil. When the evaporator coils are neglected, they will freeze, resulting in water leaks when the coil melts. If this occurs, it is advisable to install a new aircon.


Evaporator Coils Are Covered in Ice


It is best to pay close attention right away if this happens since it can cause an emergency water leak from the air conditioner. A problem in the ducts may potentially be the source of frozen evaporator coils.

Open the front panel of your unit and look to see whether an ice deposit has formed on the evaporator fan coils. If the coils are frozen, you might need to turn off the compressor while you wait for the evaporator temperature to rise. If this issue persists, you should install a new aircon and select from the best selling aircon brands and their models


Maintenance Service Is Not Done Regularly 


Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your aircon unit from experiencing problems. As a result, it must be regularly checked and maintained. One of the reasons why you should install a Mitsubishi aircon for your home is that the aircon system is easier to manage. Therefore, you can rely on its durability and be less worried about its regular maintenance.


Your Aircon Is Installed Incorrectly

Your Daikin aircon will blink if it was installed incorrectly by untrained, inexperienced workers. In this case, a flashing light shows there is an issue with the Daikin aircon. It is critical to identify the underlying cause by figuring out the error code that was generated or consulting the user guide. Issues may still persist after troubleshooting using the user manual. In this case, purchasing a new Daikin aircon could be the best solution. One of the factors to consider for buying the right Daikin aircon for your home is making sure to select the model that best suits your needs. Additionally, make sure that your new Daikin aircon is installed properly by a skilled professional.


Electrical Failure

There are two frequent causes of electrical faults in air conditioners. These are faulty electrical wiring or a broken PCB (printed circuit board).

  • Consult the manufacturer’s manual. Look for the respective error code. it might help you identify the problem. Hence, it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. 
  • Test the printed circuit board. The air conditioning compressor may stop working if there is moisture or water on the PCB. When it is clean, you do not need to do anything. If you see any dirt, gently clean it with an alcohol solution and a cloth.
  • Electrical wiring should be examined. The issue can be inside the appliance if it is blowing air. Make sure no fuses or parts are blown.
  • Make sure the electrical wire protection components are in place if the device would not turn on. Check the ground wiring as well, as this provides surge protection.

In the event that the issues still continue, it is recommended to install a new aircon and refer to an aircon buying guide. This can help to give an idea to know which aircon has durable electrical components and prevent these issues from occurring.


How to Repair Aircon Light Blinking

Know What Your Aircon’s Error Code Is

Most of the best-selling aircon brands and their models are built with a light blinking feature. This component can indicate if the unit needs repair.

Check your air conditioner’s brand handbook first, then search for any error codes that might be relevant to your issue. Error codes give you crucial details that can be used to find the reason behind the problem. You should consult the manual if you own several different air conditioning brands because the error codes vary by brand and model.

Check Your Aircon for Loose Wiring


A sudden power draw or abnormal power load is likely to cause a Daikin aircon light to blink. In this case, your unit may have a problem with its printed circuit board (PCB) or electrical wiring. Troubleshooting this problem is quite complex and requires professional services. If the issue is with the PCB or power cable, the defective part may need to be replaced. Having an aircon socket can also help secure the aircon and other appliances at home from a power overload.

Look For Other Symptoms

Check the components of your aircon as well to see if the light will keep blinking. In this case, you may contact us at Everyhome Singapore to guide you. Your unit should be serviced at least once a year to keep it in good working order. You can save more money in the long run through regular maintenance. 


Why Installing a New Aircon Can Address Aircon Light Blinking

The comfort given by your aircon starts from choosing the highest quality brand. With that, it is best to know which brand can offer high-quality features that prevent issues that cause an aircon blinking light over time. Daikin Aircon’s ability to withstand various conditions is why you should install them for your home. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Aircon prides itself on its durability. Additionally, their units are designed to last for a long time without maintenance.



Aircon users are alerted to potential problems by the blinking light. This is so you may examine it before it affects the entire unit. Essentially, installing a new aircon is the ideal solution to address the issues faced by your aircon unit. Having a new aircon prevents you from experiencing any hassle, leaving you with a convenient experience. 

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