Why Are Rain Shower Sets Highly Popular in Singapore?


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If you’re looking to create a truly relaxing and invigorating experience, a rain shower set is a perfect choice. It is specifically designed to replicate the soothing sensation of showering in the rain. As a result, the installation of rain shower sets has become increasingly popular in Singaporean homes. Other reasons for this growing trend are outlined below.


It Has a Stylish Design

For those looking to impress their guests and elevate the look of their bathroom, installing a rain shower set is a great option. With its sleek and stylish design, it not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also adds an element of luxury. A well-decorated bathroom with a high-quality rain shower set from a reputable brand like Rubine or Fidelis among others will surely catch the attention of people. This will also make your space appear more opulent than it actually is.


It Is Made of High Quality Material

Fidelis-Ligero Series M87 Series Elevated Shower/Bath Mixer (Chrome) FL-M87A

  • Hot & Cold Water Tap
  • Brand: Fidelis
  • Model: FL-M87A
  • Type of product: Rain Shower Set & Shower Mixer Tap
  • Rain Shower Water Efficiency: ✓✓✓

One thing to consider before you buy a rain shower set is its durability. Most rain shower heads are crafted using durable metallic materials such as bronze, chrome, or nickel. As long as you thoroughly follow step-by-step guides in cleaning shower heads, these types of shower heads can definitely last long. In addition, their materials not only offer longevity but also lend a sophisticated and elegant finish to one’s bathroom.

The Fidelis-Ligero Series M87 Series Elevated Shower/Bath Mixer (Chrome) FL-M87A is among the many rain shower sets built with high-quality materials. This Fidelis rain shower set and shower mixer tap offer exceptional durability and performance without breaking the bank. Its sleek silver chrome finish also adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom while simultaneously showcasing its commitment to eco-friendly design. Moreover, with its precision-engineered design, it not only ensures a  satisfying shower experience but also a water-efficient operation as well.


It Is Highly Relaxing

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of installing rain shower sets in Singapore is the unparalleled relaxation they provide among the many different types of shower sets available. Once you experience the soothing sensation of a rain-like shower, you’ll understand what you’ve been missing. Each shower will feel like a rejuvenating spa experience, helping you unwind and relieve the stresses of everyday life. The sound of rainfall created by the shower further enhances the ambience, offering an oasis of calm right in your own home.


It Can Regulate Water Intensity

Imagine having the ability to enjoy a soothing massage whenever you desire. A shower system like a rain shower set allow you to regulate the water intensity, offering options ranging from gentle to invigorating. However, it’s important to note that water intensity control may vary across different types of rainshower sets. As such, be sure to consider this tip when selecting the best shower set for your needs.


It Provides Full Body Coverage

Rubine RSR-INOX-R8100-CH Rainshower Set

  • Model: RSR-INOX-R8100-CH
  • Type: Rainshower Column Without Mixer
  • Material: Column (SUS201), Handshower (ABS), Overhead shower (SUS304)
  • Surface Finishing: Electroplated
  • Colour: Chrome
  • No. of Spray: 1 (Overhead shower) / 3 (Handshower)
  • Package Included: Overhead Shower + Shower Column + Handshower + Hose + Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 7 Years On Cartridge And Diverter

With a rain shower set, you’ll enjoy full-body coverage all at once. The unique position, width, and steady stream of a rain shower head ensure that every part of your body is enveloped in cascading water. Once you experience the superior coverage provided by a rain shower set, you won’t want to go back to a traditional shower head.

f you want to experience the ultimate showering luxury with full-body coverage, the Rubine RSR-INOX-R8100-CH Rainshower Set is your best bet. This rain shower set from Rubine features a chrome finish and boasts a rain shower column without a shower mixer. The absence of a shower mixer and the full downward orientation of its shower head allows for a rainshower column that envelops your entire body, delivering a soothing cascade of water from above. Additionally, the electroplated surface finish adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor. 


It Is Easy to Maintain

Rubine RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF Rainshower Set With Mixer Tap

  • Model: RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF
  • Type: Rainshower Column With Mixer
  • Material: Mixer (Brass), Column (SUS201), Handshower (ABS), Overhead shower (SUS304)
  • Surface Finishing: Electroplated
  • Colour: Chrome
  • No. of Spray: 1 (Overhead shower) / 3 (Handshower)
  • Water Efficiency: 3 ticks
  • Water Consumption: 4.80 litres/min
  • PUB Reg No.: SHT-2014/014465
  • Package Included: Overhead Shower + Shower Column + Handshower + Mixer + Hose + Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 7 Years On Cartridge And Diverter

Another reason why rain shower sets are highly popular in Singapore is their easy maintenance. The silicone rubber nozzles incorporated in this type of shower system make it easier to remove mineral deposits. However, regular maintenance is still recommended to ensure long-lasting performance. 

You can simplify your shower maintenance with the Rubine RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF Rainshower Set With Mixer Tap.  This rain shower set is thoughtfully designed for maintenance, boasting an easy-to-maintain construction that can easily be cleaned. The mixer tap, made of brass, is easy to clean thanks to its built-in germicidal and antimicrobial components.



Like any other bathroom product, there are advantages and disadvantages to installing a rain shower set. That said, the advantages of rain shower sets outweigh their disadvantages. Rain shower sets offer the opportunity for a blissful, spa-like sensation. Also, with their stylish design, easy maintenance, and high-quality materials, it’s no wonder why they have gained popularity in Singapore. At Everyhome, we offer a wide variety of rain shower sets and services that includes rain shower set installations and more. Contact Everhome Singapore today for all of your bathroom needs!

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