What Are The Pros and Cons of a Rain Shower Set Installation


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A rain shower set is designed for users to experience a rain-like bath, helping them relax and enjoy the moment while cleaning their bodies. It’s a wonderful feeling to have warm water showering down upon you, and many people believe that nothing can beat the satisfaction they get from using rain shower sets. However, below are the pros and cons of rain shower set installation that you should know.



Your Showering Experience Are Hands-Free


All of us have different ways of living, and we often feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Some people seem to have no energy left to do anything extra. However, being refreshed by a shower is one of the last things they would like to do before going to bed. Therefore, instead of using a handheld shower that still requires some of your energy, you can opt to install a rain shower set for a more relaxing and pleasurable bathing experience, as all you have to do is stand under it.

Moreover, rain shower sets would also be more convenient for people who have arthritis or shaky hands compared to using handheld showers.

It Fully Covers Your Whole Body 


Due to its big shower head, rain shower sets like Rubine RSR-INOX-R8100-CH Rainshower Set can fully cover your whole body just as getting soaked in the rain. It feels like natural rainfall as showers are mainly built to replicate the rain. A showerhead is often 6 – 12 inches in diameter which can provide you with a rain-like experience that helps your body to relax.

Rubine RSR-INOX-R8100-CH Rainshower Set

  • Model: RSR-INOX-R8100-CH
  • Type: Rainshower Column Without Mixer
  • Material: Column (SUS201), Handshower (ABS), Overhead shower (SUS304)
  • Surface Finishing: Electroplated
  • Colour: Chrome
  • No. of Spray: 1 (Overhead shower) / 3 (Handshower)
  • Package Included: Overhead Shower + Shower Column + Handshower + Hose + Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 7 Years On Cartridge And Diverter

It Gives You Less Shower Time 

One common misconception of homeowners about rain shower sets is that they consume more water because people tend to spend more time using them. However, let’s consider the average time it takes to bathe. Rainshower sets, with their large shower heads, can easily and evenly soak your entire body. As a result, they can rinse your body in less time, reducing the overall duration of your shower. Therefore, using rain shower sets may actually lead to shorter showers, resulting in less water waste and potential cost savings when used responsibly.

It Has A More Aesthetic Design 

Rainshower sets like Rubine RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF Rainshower Set With Mixer Tap will undoubtedly be the most amazing fixture in your bathroom if you have the right shower set match and they are installed properly. Your bathroom will become beautifully different as soon as you replace your old shower with a new rain shower set.


Rubine RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF Rainshower Set With Mixer Tap

  • Model: RSC-INOX-R8-3361R2-AF
  • Type: Rainshower Column With Mixer
  • Material: Mixer (Brass), Column (SUS201), Handshower (ABS), Overhead shower (SUS304)
  • Surface Finishing: Electroplated
  • Colour: Chrome
  • No. of Spray: 1 (Overhead shower) / 3 (Handshower)
  • Water Efficiency: 3 ticks
  • Water Consumption: 4.80 litres/min
  • PUB Reg No.: SHT-2014/014465
  • Package Included: Overhead Shower + Shower Column + Handshower + Mixer + Hose + Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 7 Years On Cartridge And Diverter


It Is More Expensive 


Rainshower sets are usually expensive, which can be an issue for people with a limited budget. This is one of the things you should consider before installing a rainshower set. However, you can still look for items that are closer to your budget. If there are any options available, spending a little extra could be a smart decision in the long run, as rain shower sets are recommended for saving on water bills.

It Requires to Re-route The Pipes 

One of the most common problems with rain shower sets is their height. Typically, rain shower heads are mounted on the ceiling, which requires rerouting of the pipe to make the setup possible. Another thing to consider is your ceiling space—you should make sure that there is enough room if you are opting to install a rain shower set. Furthermore, the tallest household member should have sufficient clearance for their feet when using the shower head. 

It Caters To a Particular Water Pressure Level 


One important aspect to consider when purchasing a rain shower is ensuring that it is designed to accommodate a specific range of water pressure. Many people opt for storage water heaters as they provide better water pressure. Alternatively, built-in pumps with specific instant water heaters can enhance the outgoing pressure, making them a suitable choice for rain shower heads. However, regardless of the type of water heater chosen, water pressure remains crucial. If your home lacks proper water pressure, showers with heaters become ineffective. Therefore, it is advisable to inspect your household water pressure before making a purchase.



The installation of a rain shower set offers several advantages and disadvantages to consider. On the positive side, rain showers provide a relaxing and pleasurable bathing experience, especially for those with limited energy or physical challenges. They fully cover the body, reduce shower time, and have an aesthetically pleasing design. However, rain shower sets can be more expensive, require pipe rerouting, and are dependent on specific water pressure levels. It is important to weigh these pros and cons and assess your budget, bathroom space, and water pressure before deciding to install a rain shower set. When looking for high-quality products from reputable brands and reliable services, Everyhome Singapore is a trustworthy option with excellent reviews.

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