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What Are The Popular Shower Set Brands in Singapore


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Innovating shower products have always been on the minds of the top manufacturers in Singapore over the last 10 years as they strive to continually improve and design shower sets to be more water-efficient and affordable. Eventually, homeowners become interested in popular brands that offer the best features at a reasonable price. Below are some of the most popular shower set brands in Singapore that are highly recommended for shower set installation by most homeowners.


Fidelis Shower Sets 


Fidelis is a manufacturing company founded in 2007 that produces bathroom products, including shower sets. Over the years, they have developed a portfolio of over 1000 well-designed and affordable products.


Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 

One of the most reasonable price shower sets that are popular in Singapore is the Fidelis FSS56305 Shower Set. It is a wall-mounted hand shower that has a 1.5-meter length hose which helps a user to clean anything with ease. Besides, the shower holder’s mounting is as well adjustable for the user’s convenience.

Fidelis FSS56305 Shower Set

  • Brand: Fidelis
  • Model: FSS56305 
  • Type of product: Shower Set
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Body: Chrome finish
  • Colour: Silver Chrome

Rubine Shower Sets


Rubine products are tailored to the local climate and living conditions, making it the most popular brand in Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, showers with heaters are among the preferred Rubine products for most Singaporeans due to their notable quality and affordability.


Rubine Instant Heater RWH-1388 

The Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Water Heater features a 120 mm diameter hand shower designed to reduce water consumption. Its shower holder is adjustable between 500-600 mm. Additionally, users have the option to choose between a white or chrome-finished shower set based on their bathroom decor. Professional installation service providers like Everyhome Singapore are available to assist with the installation.

Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-1388W Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: NIL Net Weight: 1.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

Rubine RWH-2388 Heater

A fixed overhead rain shower and a conventional normal hand shower are both features of the Rubine RWH-2388 Instant Water Heater. Users can choose to use the circular rain shower head, which has a fixed height of 205 mm, for relaxation. For other purposes such as cleaning or bathing, the hand shower with a 120 mm diameter shower head and a 17 mm hose can be used, providing greater flexibility. Additionally, the hose is designed to prevent twisting and has a durable connector, allowing it to be rotated in all directions.

Rubine RWH-2388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-2388WHP Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: AC Converter Net Weight: 2.0kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Rainshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

Grohe Shower Sets


Grohe is a precision manufacturing company that offers a wide range of bathroom solutions using the latest German technology, making it one of the leading global brands. With their precise thermostatic technology, you can ensure that the water temperature of shower sets remains the same throughout. Additionally, their products are popular due to their excellent design. Furthermore, they provide a diverse range of shower systems that combine shower heads, hand showers, and body sprays. This selection also includes various spray patterns, rain shower pressure options, and massaging bathing features for users to choose from. However, it would be wiser if you will consider some tips in selecting the best shower set for your bathroom.


Hansgrohe Shower Sets


People’s budgets and personal preferences vary but Hansgrohe is able to cater to the varying requirements of the customers with their variations of shower set products. Those that have a limited budget can choose a hand shower to replace their old ones. While, when the handrail for mounting hand showers is damaged, a Hansgrohe shower set is advisable to purchase and install. 

There are different types of spray patterns that homeowners can choose from, including spray jets and large-diameter rain showers. The shower heads also vary in spray head count. Some shower system models consume as little as 6 liters of water per minute, as they are designed to be water-efficient for greater sustainability. Although there are reasons to install a water-saving shower set, some shower systems mix air with water to reduce water consumption and provide a more relaxing shower.



When it comes to popular shower set brands in Singapore, Fidelis, Rubine, Grohe, and Hansgrohe are highly recommended by homeowners. Fidelis shower sets offer well-designed and affordable products, with the FSS-56305 model being a popular choice. Rubine products are tailored to local conditions and known for their quality and affordability, with the RWH-1388 and RWH-2388 models being notable options. Grohe, a leading global brand, offers a wide range of bathroom solutions with precise thermostatic technology and excellent design. Hansgrohe caters to varying budgets and preferences, providing options such as hand showers and shower sets for installation or replacement. Overall, homeowners can choose from various spray patterns, water-efficient models, and features that enhance their showering experience.

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