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Why Should You Consider a Ceiling Fan With Lights For Your Home?


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When it comes to installing a ceiling fan for their home, homeowners in Singapore usually consider features, available space, and budget. While there are various designs and models of ceiling fans available in the market, many are now opting for ceiling fans with lights in each room. The advantages of installing a ceiling fan with light in Singapore are numerous. 


Uniformed Light Distribution

Whether it be a 3 blade or 5 blade ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with light provides uniform light distribution in the room as the fan is typically installed in the center of the ceiling. Also, there is a light attached to the center of the fan which illuminates the entire area. In contrast, wall-mounted lighting fixtures may result in uneven lighting, leaving some areas in the dark.


Saves Energy

Crestar Valueair 55″ 5 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan

Diameter:  48in (1220mm) | 55in (1400mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  8.9kg (48in) | 9.5kg (55in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Matt Black | White | Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
5.7/36.8W (48in) | 7.5/31.7W (55in)
RPM (min/max):  90/250RPM (48in) | 90/180 (55in)
CFM: 6290ft3/min (55in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Control:  6 Speed 2.4G Remote Control
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED

Another fact you should know about ceiling fans is that those with a light are energy efficient since they use LED lights, which consume lower energy compared to other types of lights. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower bills for homeowners.

One of the most energy efficiency ceiling fans you can buy is the Crestar Valueair 55″ 5 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan. This fan has a Crestar Inverter DC Motor which ensures minimal power consumption. It also features a 20W Tri-color LED light and 6 speed remote control with timer function, allowing for greater control and energy savings. Besides that, the fan is designed with a quiet motor and metal alloy housing, making it both energy-efficient and durable.


Part of Your Home’s Decor

Alpha Vannus Led 52″ VC2 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 52” blade
  • RF Remote
  • 6 Speed
  • Timer On
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Natural Wind
  • Last Memory

Ceiling fans with lights also add a decorative touch to the room which is one factor to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to find Spin ceiling fans with lights that have fan blades in different colors and materials to match the room’s decor. The lighting can also be customized in terms of color, pattern, and brightness, allowing for special effects and enhancing the room’s attractiveness.

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan with light that can improve your home’s aesthetic, consider the Alpha Vannus Led 52″ VC2 3 Blade Ceiling Fan. This fan can greatly enhance any room’s appearance with its sleek and modern design. Its RF remote, natural wind and forward/reverse features also provide convenience and flexibility in controlling the fan’s speed and direction, while its last memory feature ensures that it will remember your preferred settings. The fan’s available colors, including Matt Black, Matt White, and Walnut/MB, can also complement and highlight a home’s existing decor.


Saves Space

Space is one factor to consider when installing the right ceiling fan for your home. Fortunately, a ceiling fan with light can save space, especially in small homes where homeowners want to utilize the available space efficiently. By installing a ceiling fan with light, wall space is freed up, which can be used for storage or other purposes, helping to reduce clutter.



Spin Quincy 52″ 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • 20W LED
  • 3 Colour Temperature
  • Dual Rotation
  • Natural Wind Mode
  • Timer Function
  • 6 Speed Remote Control 
  • Dimmable Light
  • Wall Control

As is the case when buying a toilet bowl, durability is another factor to consider when choosing a ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans with lights use LED lights that have a longer lifespan compared to other types of lights. LED lights typically last for at least 25,000 hours, which is far longer than CFL or incandescent lights which last only 3-4 years. However, it is recommended to hire a professional for installation. Among the benefits of engaging a ceiling fan professional is they will avoid damaging the lights that come with the fan.

Among the most durable ceiling fans you can install is the Spin Quincy 52″ 3 Blade Ceiling Fan. It is highly durable due to its UDDC™ Motor (Ultra Dynamic Direct Current Motor) and metal alloy motor hub. In addition, it features a dimmable OSRAM Tri-tone 20W LED, dual rotation, natural wind mode, and a timer function, making it an energy-efficient and versatile option for any space. The fan also has six-speed remote control and wall control, providing easy operation and convenience to the user. 



When it comes to how much installing a ceiling fan costs, ceiling fans with lights are considered affordable especially when considering the overall cost of purchasing and installing a fan and light separately. Additionally, there are usually no additional installation costs for ceiling fans with lights, making them a cost-effective choice.


Controlled Lighting

One reason to install a ceiling fan for your home is that those with a light come with a remote controller that allow homeowners to adjust the brightness, color, and other features of the LED lighting. This provides convenience and flexibility in creating special lighting effects for different occasions or for better illumination while reading or working.



Ceiling fans with lights provide uniform light distribution from the center of the ceiling and are energy efficient due to the use of LED lights, resulting in lower bills for homeowners. Ceiling fans with lights are also popular in Singapore as they add a decorative touch to any room and can save space in small homes. The LED lights used in ceiling fans also have a long lifespan, making them more durable. Additionally, ceiling fans with lights are affordable and come with a remote controller to adjust the lighting features.

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