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8 Key Factors To Keep in Mind When Buying A Ceiling Fan in Singapore


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There are several factors to take into account when deciding to purchase a ceiling fan, as there are many types available, from a 5-blade ceiling fan to a 3-blade ceiling fan, and more. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have outlined some of the most common considerations to keep in mind. 


Energy Efficiency

KDK M48SG 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

  • Ceiling fan with Regulator
  • 5-Speed Control
  • Equipped with Safety Wire & Switch
  • Suitable for Bungalows & Apartments with ceiling of 3metres and above

One of the primary reasons why you should install a ceiling fan is to save on energy costs compared to air conditioning systems. When selecting a ceiling fan, it’s crucial to consider its energy efficiency. Look for fans that consume between 15 to 95 watts, depending on the size and speed. It’s recommended to engage professional installation services for proper installation and safety.

The KDK M48SG 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is an excellent energy-efficient option for your home. It has a power consumption of only 56 watts. This fan provides excellent indoor air circulation, while its DC motor ensures durability, quiet operation, and energy-saving features. Its advanced blade designs enhance airflow capabilities and distribute cool air evenly in your room. Therefore, if you’re looking to save on energy costs while maintaining indoor comfort, this 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is a great choice.


Size and Mounting Options

Consider the amount of ceiling space available in your home for a ceiling fan installation. Ensure that the ceiling can accommodate the support bars needed for mounting without compromising stability. The size of the fan also matters, as a large fan may look overwhelming in a small room. Choose an appropriate fan size for your space before making a purchase.


Room Size

Fanco B-Star 36″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Ultra Silent Motor
  • 3 ABS Blades
  • Max Air Delivery
  • Remote Control 5-Speed Reversible
  • LED with 3 tones
Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 3 Year Onsite Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on Motor

Ceiling fans are suitable for both small and large areas, but their effectiveness may vary. Be sure to consider the room size when selecting a fan and consult a ceiling fan buying guide to make an informed decision.

The Fanco B-Star 36″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan is a versatile option that can efficiently cool both small and large rooms. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces, while its powerful DC motor ensures that it can also effectively cool larger areas. This fan has an airflow capacity of up to 14,062 cubic meters per hour, ensuring even and comfortable air circulation. Thus, if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that can provide excellent cooling capabilities for both small and large spaces, this ceiling fan from Fanco is a great choice.



The warranty is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan. A good warranty allows for replacement in case of defects upon receiving the product. Read and understand the manufacturer’s terms and conditions regarding the warranty. Professional ceiling fan installation services are recommended to ensure proper installation of the ceiling fan and avoid issues.


Blade Size

Crestar NinjaAir 48″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan

Diameter:  42in (1067mm) | 48in (1220mm)
Motor:  Crestar Inverter DC Motor
Weight:  6.1kg (42in) | 6.3kg (48in)
Material:  Metal Alloy (Housing), ABS (Blades)
Colour:  Black | White | Dark Wood
Voltage:  AC 230V 50Hz
Wattage (min/max):  5.2/41W (48in)
RPM (min/max):  90/280RPM (42in) | 90/230RPM (48in)
Speed:  6 Speed
Controls:  6 Speed 2.4G Remote Control - KG31
Lightkit:  20W Tricolour LED

Ceiling fan blades come in different materials, weights, and sizes. Blade size affects the fan’s ability to move air in the room. In fact, larger blades tend to create better indoor circulation. As such, always consider the blade size when selecting a ceiling fan.

The Crestar NinjaAir 48″ 3 Blade Motor Ceiling Fan is an excellent option with blades that are designed for optimal performance in all types of rooms. With a blade size of 48 inches, this fan can create powerful air circulation in both small and large rooms. The unique blade design ensures that air is evenly distributed, creating a comfortable indoor environment. 


Motor Type

The motor type determines the fan’s performance and speed. There are three main types: direct drive, belt drive, and universal motor. Direct-drive fans are suitable for large rooms, universal motor fans for small rooms, and belt-driven fans require less maintenance but may not function as fast. Ceiling fans are generally easier to maintain compared to table or wall fans.



Installing a ceiling fan is usually a straightforward process with online instructions available. It involves cutting out appropriate holes and routing wires from the outlet to connect to the fan. Consider DIY ceiling fan installation if desired. Take note though that professional ceiling fan installation services are recommended for accuracy and safety.


Where to Buy

If you are searching for a reliable ceiling fan store in Singapore, look no further than Everyhome. Everyhome Singapore has a wide variety of brands to choose from, including Spin Ceiling Fan, Crestar Ceiling Fan, and KDK Ceiling Fan. Not only do we offer a great selection of ceiling fans, but we provide reliable ceiling fan services as well. You can trust Everyhome to provide you with exceptional customer service and high-quality ceiling fan products that meet your needs and budget.



There are several factors to make an informed decision when purchasing a ceiling fan. These include energy efficiency, size and mounting options, room size, warranty, blade size, motor type, installation process, and where to buy. It’s recommended to choose an energy-efficient fan that’s appropriate for your room size, has a good warranty, and is installed by a professional. You should also consider blade size and motor type, and select a reputable company that offers installation services for convenience and peace of mind. 

If you’re looking for a reliable company to buy ceiling fans, look no further than Everyhome Singapore. We offer a wide selection of top-quality ceiling fans from popular brands such as Alpha, Fanco, and Kaze. With our quality ceiling fan installation services, you can be sure that your ceiling fan is installed safely and accurately. 


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