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Why is My Bidet Spray Leaking?


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Did you know that bidet spray installation has been increasingly popular among homeowners? This is because they provide effectiveness and convenience for cleaning. Although do note that for the spray to work correctly, it requires adequate water pressure. Without the right water pressure, the bidet spray might not be as effective in cleaning.

Users commonly encounter problems with leaking water from the nozzle or other components of the bidet spray, which can greatly diminish its effectiveness and convenience. Consider replacing your tap if the issue continues to persist. The reasons why your bidet spray is leaking are explained below.


Defective Nozzle


A faulty nozzle can cause a bidet spray or one-way tap to leak. The nozzle can loosen, crack, develop holes, or become misaligned. This results in the water tap leaking. Fixing or replacing the nozzle may be necessary depending on the severity of the damage. To ensure proper replacement, it is advisable to seek professional plumbing services. If you are looking for a high-quality bidet spray for your home, consider purchasing the Arino Bidet Spray AR-702 C-S.


Problems With The Washer

As bidet sprays use compression fittings that require a washer, it is one of the factors to consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray. A washer is a ring that is made up of rubber or similar material and is black or dark colored. 

In the event that the washer is not installed correctly, is lost, or even damaged, it can lead to users experiencing issues. For example, if the washer is not installed correctly or is experiencing wear and tear, cracks and holes may develop. Thus, leading to water leaking. In order to avoid this, it is important to ensure that the washer is installed correctly. Not just proper installation needed, but you also need to purchase a high-quality bidet spray like Arino Bidet Spray AR-902S-S.

The Connection Maybe Too Loose or Too Tight


Loose or over-tightened connections can also cause an installed bidet spray to leak. Water tap leaking may occur if the threads have a gap due to a loose connection during bidet spray installation. On the other hand, applying too much force when connecting the parts can damage the threads. This can cause misalignment or warping of the washer. It is advisable to consult a professional plumbing service offering tap installation services if you are unsure about how to fix the connection.


Broken Hose

A broken hose can also cause a bidet spray to leak. The hose that connects the spray head to the water supply valve may become damaged due to poor quality or wear and tear. In such cases, replacing the hose usually fixes the water leak, and it is advisable to engage a professional plumber with tap services to assist in replacing the hose.


High-Pressure Water Supply


Did you know that a leaking bidet spray can be caused by high water pressure? To address this, you can use a longer pipe for the bidet spray to resolve the problem if the water pressure is too high or engage a professional to have it fixed or replaced.



If you are experiencing a leaking bidet spray after installation, it could be due to several factors. To resolve the problem, it’s important to seek the help of a professional plumbing service. They can assist you in replacing faulty components and ensuring that the installation is done correctly.  Also, proper maintenance and regular check-ups can also prevent bidet spray leaks and improve its overall effectiveness and convenience. However, if you are looking to replace your bidet spray, you can check contact Everyhome Singapore. We can provide recommendations based on your requirements.

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