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Top Reasons to Choose an Ariston Water Heater for Your Home in Singapore


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Purchasing and setting up a storage water heater for your home can be a daunting task. With numerous brands in the market, each offering similar functionalities but varying qualities, selecting the best fit can be a challenge. However, many households in Singapore prefer Ariston water heaters, making them one of the most popular brands in the country. The Ariston water heater boasts the latest technology and a compact design, with various capacity options to meet your specific requirements. Here are some of the reasons why an Ariston water heater is an excellent choice for your home.


Get Access to Cleaner Water


Ariston water heaters, such as the Ariston Andris2 15 RS Storage Water Heater, come equipped with AG+ cartridge technology that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria in the water tank. This results in not only cleaner but also more hygienic bathing water.

Furthermore, discolored water which is a common water heater problem will be avoided. The AG+ cartridge technology is capable of preventing the propagation of common bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, Legionella, and Mold, among others. Ariston water heaters were the first to incorporate this technology into their tanks. So if you’re looking to provide your family with cleaner and more hygienic water, then an Ariston water heater is an excellent investment. 

Ariston Andris2 15 RS Storage Water Heater

SKU AR570HAAABX920SGAMZ-24081913
Model AN2RS15L
Size (W X H X D) 360mm X 360mm X 324mm
Weight 8 kg
Warranty period Tank: 5 Years; Heating Elements: 1 Year
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty

Optimal Size

In recent years, the size of bathrooms in newer HDB flats has considerably decreased. Though there is little one can do to change the bathroom size, there are still practical and efficient solutions to achieve the ideal bathroom you desire. The Ariston storage water heaters come in compact and minimalistic designs that can easily fit into unoccupied areas of your bathroom. 

The sleek and compact design of the Ariston storage water heaters makes them a perfect fit for any bathroom space, giving the impression that they were customized for your property. If you are wondering whether larger capacity storage water tanks like the Ariston Andris 2 30 LUX Storage Water Heater AN2LUX-30L can fit into your bathroom space, you can always consult a professional water heater service provider to explore the possibility of installing a larger capacity storage heater in your home.

Sleeker Design


In addition to efficient space planning, the Ariston storage water heaters feature a sleek and sophisticated design that complements various bathroom themes. The Italian-made 

water heaters are aesthetically pleasing and can seamlessly blend with your bathroom’s interior, eliminating the need to modify your bathroom’s appearance or accommodate unattractive water heaters.


Cost-Effectiveness & Bigger Capacity

It’s important to consider long-term benefits when planning for your home. For instance, the Ariston Pro R Slim 30L Storage Water Heater offers a larger capacity than standard tanks, making it a more cost-effective option than instant water heaters. While instant water heaters are generally energy-efficient by heating water only when needed, they may not be suitable for households with larger family sizes. 

Installing storage water heaters is more effective, especially if you have more family members. The water in the storage tank is already heated and maintained at the optimum temperature, making it readily available for use at any time. Since the water can stay warm for an extended period, there is no need to reheat the water, saving you time and energy.

Ariston Pro R Slim 30L Storage Water Heater

Type: Storage Water Heater (Suitable for concealed ceiling hidden) Capacity: 30L Warranty Period: Tank - 5 Years; Heating Elements - 1 Year Made in China

Safety and Durability


When choosing a brand for your water heater, it’s important to consider its reputation and how long it has been in the market. Ariston, a brand that originates from Italy, has been providing high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters for over 80 years. It is also one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore.

If you’re worried about the weight or leakage of your installed storage water heater, Ariston storage heaters have a copper heating element for reinforced durability and secure backing to prevent leaks. The tank is made with eco-friendly insulation and advanced titanium enamel, making it more energy efficient and accounting for only approximately 1.3% of your total energy bill. This ensures you don’t have to worry about high energy costs, regardless of the size of your bathroom storage water heater.




Compact and efficient, Ariston water heaters are designed to fit into any bathroom seamlessly. You can consult a water heater professional like Everyhome Singapore to determine which Ariston water heater size is the best fit for your needs and your home. With its sleek design and optimum water storage capacity, Ariston water heaters will transform your bathroom water heating experience for the better.



Environmental conservation is a crucial consideration in modern society. Ariston storage or instant water heater installation is designed to promote a healthy environment by minimizing both indoor and outdoor air pollution. As a result, Ariston water heaters are energy-efficient and consume less energy, reducing greenhouse emissions significantly.



Choosing an Ariston storage water heater for your home has many advantages. Its energy-efficient features help reduce energy consumption, saving costs in the long run. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to install in any bathroom size. Additionally, Ariston water heaters provide clean and hygienic water, ensuring the safety of you and your family. To ensure the safe and proper installation of your Ariston storage water heater, it is advisable to contact Everyhome Singapore, a professional water heater installer that has excellent reviews among previous clients.

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