Besides sanitary ware such as toilet bowls, a bathroom accessory that is essential to any home in Singapore is a shower set. This helps you maintain your hygiene so you can remain fresh and clean while performing your tasks in the hot and humid weather.


A shower set can provide you with numerous benefits. In order to install the right one for your bathroom, make sure to take note of the different types of shower sets in Singapore:

  • Rain Shower Sets
  • Hand Shower Sets
  • Mixer Shower Sets
  • Power Shower Sets

Continuing to use a damaged shower set can be extremely inconvenient and may deprive you of a comfortable bath. However, some homeowners are unsure when their shower set needs to be replaced. If you are among them, you just need to look out for the following signs:

  • Shower Leaks
  • Sediment Build Up
  • Rapidly Changing Water Temperature
  • Mold Build Up
  • Inconsistent Water Pressure

Due to the many models available, some homeowners face difficulty when buying a new shower set. For you to be able to choose the right shower set for you, take the following into consideration:

  • Bathroom Layout
  • Budget
  • Plumbing System
  • Types of Shower Set

4 Types of Shower Sets in Singapore

To accommodate homeowners’ needs and budgets, top manufacturers of bathroom fixtures are producing a broad range of shower sets in various styles. The following are some of the more popular types of shower sets in Singapore to help families make the best decision with their purchase.

Rain Shower



One of the most common forms of showers in Singapore is rain shower sets. The fact that the shower water flow resembles rainfall and creates a spa-like soothing experience is one of the reasons why rain shower sets are so popular in Singapore. Among the advantages of installing a rain shower set is that you can use it with a hand shower in various situations for more flexibility when showering or cleaning.

Hand Shower

Many people who take showers discover that they need water with higher pressure for more effective cleansing. Under these circumstances, individuals will need to utilize a hand shower with a shower head attached to the water supply via a flexible hose. The major benefit of installing a hand shower set is that the shower head can be readily adjusted so that water can be used to clean any area.

Mixer Shower Set 

Most families choose to have a shower mixer installed since warm water is better at wiping away debris. By doing this, hot and cold water will be combined to produce warm water at the required temperature. A lever for regulating the temperature and flow rate of the warm water from the shower mixer is also one of the advantages of installing a shower mixer set.

Power Shower


Due to the main water supply or other factors, homeowners in certain places discover that the water pressure is low. Installing a power shower with a pump to increase the water pressure and flow rate is advised when this happens. Such power showers will combine hot and cold water in the pump. A manual pressure adjustment feature is also available with this shower set.

After learning about the different types of shower sets, it’s best that you also become familiar with the popular shower set brands in Singapore.


What Are The Popular Shower Set Brands in Singapore?

As buying and installing a rain shower or shower set in Singapore can be time-consuming and costly, most homeowners are interested in learning about the most popular shower set brands in Singapore. They often examine the costs, features, and other factors of the shower set before deciding on the ideal shower set for their home. Here are some of the most popular shower set brands among Singapore homeowners.

Fidelis Shower Sets 


Fidelis is one of Singapore’s leading makers of bathroom products such as shower sets. This company was established in 2007 and has quickly expanded to create over 1000 distinct well-designed and reasonably priced products.

Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 


Fidelis FSS56305 Shower Set

  • Brand: Fidelis
  • Model: FSS56305 
  • Type of product: Shower Set
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Body: Chrome finish
  • Colour: Silver Chrome

One of the most popular and moderately priced shower sets available is the Fidelis FSS-56305. It consists of a wall-mounted hand shower with a 1.5-meter-long shower hose. As a result, the user may effortlessly use it to clean anything. The shower holder’s attachment may also be changed for the user’s comfort.

Rubine Shower Sets


Rubine is one of the most popular home appliance manufacturers in Singapore and Malaysia since its products are adapted to the local environment and lifestyle needs. Because of their exceptional quality and low pricing, most Singaporean homes are interested in purchasing Rubine water heaters that come with shower sets.

Rubine Instant Heater RWH-1388 

Rubine RWH-1388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-1388W Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: NIL Net Weight: 1.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

The Rubine Instant Heater RWH-1388 comes with a 120 mm diameter hand shower. This shower is designed to conserve water.

Rubine RWH-2388 Heater

Rubine RWH-3388 Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH-3388WHP Capacity: Instant Type of Pump: DC Net Weight: 2.3kg Colour: White Waterproof IP Rating: IP25 Package Included: Water Heater + Handshower Set + Mounting Hardware Warranty (T&C’s Apply): 1 Year Parts + Service / 5 Years Heating Element and Inner Tank

The Rubine RWH-2388 Heater has a fixed overhead rain shower as well as a standard regular hand shower, giving the user more choices. The hand shower hose is twist-resistant, can be rotated in all directions, and has a long-lasting connector.

Grohe Shower Sets 


Grohe is a major global brand that offers a wide range of bathroom products with cutting-edge German technology. Their goods are well-known for their precise production and sleek design. They also provide a large variety of shower systems that include shower heads, hand showers, and body sprays.

Hansgrohe Shower Sets


Hansgrohe offers a wide range of shower solutions to satisfy the many different requirements of customers with varying budgets and personal tastes. Customers on a tight budget can select a hand shower to replace their current hand shower.

Besides the popular shower set brands in Singapore, you should also find out when you should install a new shower set.


When Should You Install A New Shower Set?

After a few years, family members may find that their shower is no longer working properly. In certain instances, the shower head set is defective, or the rain shower set has significant issues. Take note of some signs for when it’s time to install a new shower set.

Water Leaks


There should be no water pouring from your rain shower head when it is turned on. That said, after many years of constant use, your shower head set will most likely begin to leak after it has been turned off.

Sediment Build-up

Mineral salts are often present in water, and they might be muddy at times. This accumulation of dirt and other debris in the shower reduces water flow. To eliminate them, be sure to follow a step-by-step guide to cleaning your shower head.

Rapidly Changing Water Temperature

Even if there are no problems with the water heater, one or more valves in the rain shower may be faulty. This causes the temperature of the water from your rain shower to fluctuate. It may be warm for a short period of time before rapidly changing to cold.

Mold Build-up

Mold, mildew, and fungus flourish in hot humid environments. These can cause breathing problems, allergies, and other health issues.

Inconsistent Water Pressure


Showering might be difficult when water flows slowly from your shower. This is caused by sediments, dirt, and damaged components, which cause the water pressure in your shower to change especially after several years of usage.

Now that you have an idea of when to install a new shower set, keep in mind some tips for selecting the best shower set.


5 Tips For Selecting The Best Shower Set For Your Bathroom

To fulfil the demands of its customers, various manufacturers are making bathroom fixtures such as bidet sprays and shower products in a variety of styles and materials. Due to the many shower sets available, you may want to consider some tips for choosing the best shower set in Singapore.

Bathroom Layout

When choosing a shower set, the layout of the bathroom is quite important. If the bathroom is large enough, the layout becomes a less significant consideration, and the homeowner may install any sort of shower or wash basin he or she chooses.



The homeowner should first evaluate the entire cost of the shower purchase and installation according to their budget. Keep in mind that one of the most important factors influencing the cost of your rain shower set installation is your budget. Cornered showers or a combination of an instant water heater and a shower, for example, may be less expensive than a separate tub and shower.

Plumbing System 

Some shower sets include heaters that allow the user to control the temperature and pressure of the water. A shower mixer tap, on the other hand, has a mixing valve and requires the homeowner to provide hot water from the heater.

Types Of Shower Set Designs


The following are some of the most popular shower set designs in Singapore.

Rain Shower 

A rain shower set’s shower head is positioned above the head, and it releases water in a rain-like fashion. This peaceful shower is designed to give full relaxation while also eliminating dirt.

Hand Shower 

Have you ever thought about why hand shower sets are so popular in Singapore? It features a tiny shower head attached to the water supply through a flexible line. Unlike overhead showers, where water mainly falls on the upper body, users of hand showers may direct high-pressure water to a specific area to completely clean it.

Mixer Shower Set 

One thing to keep in mind about shower mixer sets is that they require a pre-existing hot water source. A mixer shower, as the name indicates, combines hot and cold water before it exits your shower head, allowing you to take your shower at your desired temperature.

Power Shower 

The installation or replacement of a shower set with a power shower will improve the water pressure. Once operational, it depends on gravity to improve water flow, with pumps added to some tanks to increase the pressure even further.

Once you’ve taken note of some tips for selecting the best shower set in Singapore, be aware of why hand shower sets are popular among homeowners.


Why Are Hand Shower Sets Popular Among Homeowners?

Installing a hand shower set can provide you with the ultimate shower experience. If you are still unsure about buying a hand shower set, here are some reasons why hand shower sets are popular in Singapore and why you should get one.

Hassle-free Cleaning 


A hand shower set is attached to a shower tap, allowing for a hassle-free cleaning experience. It cuts down on cleaning time and also makes cleaning your freestanding bathtub or shower walls smoother.

Assisted Bathing

Hand shower sets may be useful for all people in your household, regardless of age. It helps the elderly and disabled shower and makes them feel self-sufficient. This enables them to shower alone without difficulty.

Shower Pressure and Spray Settings

Hand showers now come with a variety of spray modes, including shower mist, full-body spray, therapeutic shower massage, and more, thanks to technological advancements.

Flexible Shower Hose


Many Singaporeans favor hand showers like the Rubine RSH-Collina-1-111-AA Shower Set because of the flexible hose connected to it. Showers are now much more movable than before thanks to this type of hose.

Hand Shower Holder Bracket


There are instances when you need to use both hands when showering. Here is where the shower holding bracket becomes useful. Because the holding bracket is connected to the shower pipe, it can hold the shower in place even when in use.

Variety In Design

There are an infinite amount of hand shower sets to select from. That said, selecting the best one from a variety of possibilities may be difficult. If you want a vintage-styled design, a retro-styled hand shower is ideal. If you like a more modern look, a sleek chrome shower head such as the Rubine RSH-LAGO-501040-AA Shower Set is a terrific option.

Once you’re more familiar with why hand shower sets are popular, consider some reasons to install a water saving shower set.


4 Reasons You Should Install A Water Saving Shower Set

Homeowners are choosing to have a shower set installed in their house since it uses less water than a traditional shower. Some of the reasons why homeowners should install a water saving shower set are discussed in depth below.

It Has Sufficient Pressure


When government regulations promoting the use of water-saving showers were adopted, the shower heads of some residents lacked sufficient pressure. Thankfully, shower manufacturers have substantially improved the most common types of shower heads and shower sets in Singapore, resulting in stronger water pressure despite the decreased water flow rate.

It Is Eco Friendly


While warm water is typically used for showering, energy is necessary for filtering and heating the water. If less water is used for showering, natural water sources such as rivers and water tables will not be depleted, decreasing environmental impact.

It Is Cost Efficient

Since shower sets tend to use up heavy amounts of of water, installing a water saving shower set with a water consumption of 1.6 gallons per minute can considerably lower water usage. If you take a shower with less water, your power cost will be decreased as well.

Lower Water Usage 

Among the advantages of installing a water-saving shower head is that it is thoughtfully designed. Though the user’s bathing experience remains unchanged, the water flow rate is often less than three gallons per minute, 1.6 gallons per minute on average. As a result, there is a considerable drop in water usage, and you will notice fewer signs that your shower set needs to be replaced.



If you’re planning to buy a new shower set for your home, you should take note of the different types of shower sets in Singapore. This includes rain shower sets, mixer shower sets, hand shower sets, and power shower sets. It’s also best to buy from the most popular shower set brands in Singapore like Fidelis, Rubine, Grohe, and Hansgrohe. In case you’re unsure whether you should install a new shower set, check whether your existing shower set has incurred leaks or rapidly changing water temperature. Going for a new shower set installation is also recommended if you have mold build up or inconsistent water pressure.

Once you’ve decided to buy a new shower set, make sure to consider your bathroom layout as well as your budget. See to it also that your new shower set is compatible with your plumbing system. Among the most recommended types of shower sets you should consider buying is a hand shower set. This is because it ensures hassle free cleaning and helps any disabled or elderly members of your household bathe more easily. It also has multiple shower pressure and spray settings and comes with a flexible shower hose. For those who wish to lower their water bills, a water saving shower set is highly recommended since it ensures sufficient pressure, is affordable and cost friendly, and minimizes water consumption.

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