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9 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Joven Storage Water Heater


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Installing a storage water heater is a common need for many households in Singapore as it provides a convenient and comfortable showering experience. While there are different types of water heaters available, storage water heaters are more popularly used in Singapore. Among the many brands of water heaters available, Joven stands out as one of the best-selling brands in Singapore as it is trusted by many.

Joven is a brand that focuses on safety, reliability, and attractive design in all its products, including its water heaters. Their storage water heaters are particularly popular among customers. However, before purchasing a Joven storage water heater, it is essential to consider a few things. This guide will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision when buying a Joven water heater.



Choosing the right water heater for your household is crucial. One important factor to consider is the first-hour rating, which indicates how many litres of hot water your Joven water heater can provide per hour when the tank is full. This rating is determined by the size of the tank, heating element, and heat source.

It’s also important to identify the time of day when your household uses the most hot water. For instance, if your family of three typically uses 20 litres for showers, 7 litres for dishwashing, 2 litres for shaving, and 30 litres for laundry, you should factor this in when selecting the appropriate Joven water heater.



Although water heaters are essential home appliances, their installation process can be costly due to a number of factors. To avoid potential issues, it’s recommended to buy from a reputed bathroom supply store that has technicians with relevant skills and experience to install your Joven storage water heater. Additionally, a reason you should engage a reliable bathroom supply store is in case of any problems with your water heater, they can provide effective solutions, or even replace your unit if it is found to be defective.


Storage Water Heater System

If you want a storage water heater, Joven’s models are the way to go. They can supply multiple outlets with warm water, including your bathtub, washing machine, wash basin, shower tap, and jacuzzi, making them ideal for households with a high demand for hot water.


Water Pressure

Before installing new water heaters, you should assess the water pressure by checking the distance from the water tank. If the water pressure is low, especially in multi-story homes, a water pump may be necessary. If you have a centralized booster pump for your water pressure system, it can increase the water pressure by at least one bar to ensure your Joven water heater distributes water to your shower taps correctly.


Piping System in Your Home


To ensure your bathroom area looks tidy, you should install a hot and cold piping system behind your bathroom tiles before installing your Joven storage water heater. There are different types of pipes available for your home in Singapore, such as PVC pipes for cold water, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, PPU pipe, and PPR pipe for hot water.

Connecting the hot and cold piping system to your mixer tap system is essential for combining hot and cold water to obtain the right temperature to prevent scalding. One key factor to consider when buying sanitary ware like a water heater, is to select the right pipe for installation. You can seek the assistance of a professional who can recommend the ideal Joven water heater model that meets your specific requirements and identify suitable pipes for installation.


Distance of Bathrooms

When it comes to installing a storage water heater, the distance between the heater and the water point matters. For instance, if you have two bathrooms located less than 15 feet apart, you may opt for a sharing unit. Alternatively, if your bathroom is more than 15 feet away, a split unit can be installed. The closer the water heater is to the water point, the faster you can get hot water, which reduces water wastage and waiting time.


Ceiling Space in Your Home

If you plan to install a Joven storage water heater on a concrete wall, you must check the ceiling space to ensure it is at least 2 feet to fit the heater properly.


Select an Energy Saving Option

Joven water heaters are equipped with heat elevator technology, also known as “HE,” which uses a unique magnetic mechanism to enhance heat transfer and improve heat stratification in the water. This advanced technology lets you know these heaters are of good quality, are energy efficient, and will also save you money in the long run.


Model/Series Specifications

Joven offers a wide range of storage water heater models to choose from.

JSV Series

Joven JSV 50 Storage Water Heater

Model Joven JSV 50 Storage Water Heater
Size 372 x 750 x 393 mm
Weight Empty : 17 kg ; Full : 67 kg
Warranty period Product Warranty: 2 Yrs; Internal Components/Parts: 2 Yrs; Leak Proof Warranty on Inner Tank: 5 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power 1.5 – 3.0 kW ; 13 Amp – 20 Amp

The JSV series, which includes the Joven JSV 50 Storage Water Heater, is a true innovation in water heating technology. With its Heat Elevator Technology, it saves up to 20% energy while providing hot water up to 70°C. Featuring a Quad Safety System, stainless steel heater tank, and CFC-free high-density polyurethane foam insulation, this water heater ensures maximum safety, durability, and stellar performance. Suitable for 2 normal showers or 1 rainshower 8″, the Joven JSV 50 is the perfect choice for an efficient and reliable hot water supply.

JSH Series

Joven JSH 91 Storage Water Heater

Model Joven JSH 91 Storage Water Heater
Size 381 x 405 x 1226 mm
Weight Empty : 25 kg ; Full : 116 kg
Warranty period Product Warranty: 2 Yrs; Internal Components/Parts: 2 Yrs; Leak Proof Warranty on Inner Tank: 5 Yrs
Warranty type Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
Power 1.5 – 3.0 kW ; 13 Amp – 20 Amp

The Joven JSH 91 Storage Water Heater has a centralized multi-point system and enhanced dry-burn protection, it provides hot water up to 70°C, making it perfect for a Jacuzzi, washing machine, long bath, and normal shower combination. With a capacity of 91L and high-quality components like the Incoloy heating element and SUS304 stainless steel tank, this water heater ensures durability and stellar performance. Safety features such as enhanced dry-burn protection, thermostat with thermal cut-off, and pressure relief valve guarantee peace of mind.


Engage Everyhome Singapore To Purchase Joven Water Heaters

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a reliable and energy-efficient water heater, look no further than Joven water heaters. With a wide range of models to choose from, including the JH series, JH Heat Elevator series, and JVA series, Joven offers high-quality storage water heaters that can meet the unique demands of your household. Whether you’re looking for quick heating, normal heating time, or easy mounting, there is a Joven water heater model that can meet your needs.

Engage a reputed bathroom supply store as they provide high-quality water heaters from different brands including Joven, Rubine, and Mistral. Contact Everyhome Singapore for Joven water heaters and get home appliance services to ensure that your new water heater is installed correctly and efficiently. You’ll enjoy hot water throughout your home with a reliable and efficient Joven water heater once you engage us.



When purchasing Joven storage water heaters, will require careful consideration of various factors such as the type of water heater, capacity, installation requirements, energy efficiency, safety features, warranty, and cost. It is important to evaluate your household’s hot water needs and choose a water heater that can efficiently meet those needs.

By taking the time to consider these important factors, you can make a wise investment in a Joven storage water heater that will provide you with reliable and efficient hot water for years to come. Consulting with a professional can also help you make an informed decision and ensure that the installation is done correctly. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, contact Everyhome Singapore for quality bathroom products and services. We take pride in our top-notch customer service and in providing quality products for every budget.

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